JGallery 2020 Upcoming Exhibit

Art from the Streets
March 23 - May 11

The art on display in the JGallery has been created by artists supported by Austin’s non-profit program, Art from the Streets.  For twenty-eight years, AFTS has offered people experiencing homelessness a free open art studio to paint and create, enrichment opportunities, a positive community, and art shows throughout the year.
The artistic endeavors of the homeless form a path to self-determination and social connection.   Each piece that is sold gives the artist who created it the gifts of self-esteem, a sense of achievement and financial support.  Under the aegis of AFTS,  many of the artists are able to exit homelessness.   
During this exhibit, we commemorate three modern Israeli holidays. Collectively called “The Yoms”  after the Hebrew word “Yom” in each holiday, they remind us of recent Jewish history and most importantly,  our sense of community.   Through these resilient AFTS artists, we are reminded of our connection and engagement with all people of the greater Austin community.

Throughout the year, the JCC displays a series of visual arts exhibitions of photography, mixed media, paintings and fiber arts. JGallery features both new and established artists, local and traveling exhibits and more.

JGallery is devoted to expanding and enriching cultural life in Austin. By providing space to Jewish and non-Jewish artists, the JGallery offers the community the opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of art from a broad range of mediums. Through solo and group exhibitions JGallery serves as a vehicle to discover many avenues of artistic expression, finding common threads to Jewish experience, identity and culture. The gallery presents exhibitions and programming that aim to enhance knowledge, deepen understanding, expand art forms and take full advantage of each vibrant exhibition season.

If you are interested in participating on the Visual Arts League or for information on exhibitions, please contact Rachel Wimberley at rachel.wimberley@shalomaustin.org.