Annual Meeting       

Tribute Video

Tribute video honoring Community Service Award: Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA) founders Tracy Solomon, Micahel Rotman and
Shalom Austin Staff Exemplar Award to ECP Assistant Teacher, David Schaffer.   

The Shalom Austin Nominating Committee recommended and the 2017-18 Shalom Austin Board of Directors has approved the following slate of new and continuing 2018-19 Officers and Directors:

Chair: Abby Rapoport
Treasurer/Secretary: Rick Rosenberg
Immediate Past Chair: Dan Kraus

Vice Chairs: Lisa Shapiro, Brian Deitch, Nancy Zimmerman, Jill May, Wade Monroe, Keith Zimmerman, David Goldstein

At-Large Directors: Arthur Altman, Martin Berson, Seth Halpern, Carolyn Haney, Adam Kruger, Phil Loewy, Courtney Manuel, Steve Meyers, Lauren Patten, Alex Robinson, Rob Rubenstein, Kim Schocket, Lisa Shapiro, Lily Smullen, Eric Stein, Julie Waltzer, Monica Yaniv, Nancy Zimmerman

Ex-Officio Directors: Rabbi Daniel Septimus (CEO), Laurence Statman (CFO), Karen Cohen (AJA), Hannah Lapin (YAD), Linda Millstone (DJCC), Rabbi Gail Swedroe (Clergy)

The Nominating Committee: Martin Berson (co-chair), Brian Deitch (co-chair), Dan Kraus, Abby Rapoport, Lisa Shapiro, Rick Rosenberg, Rob Rubenstein, Keith Zimmerman, Jill May, Lily Smullen, Mae Levitan, Craig Jankowsky, Ian Spechler, Julie Franklin, Joan Swartz

Dan Kraus
Board Chair

Rabbi Daniel Septimus
Shalom Austin CEO

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Tuesday October 16
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
We are excited to see you at our 2018 Annual Meeting on October 16! Hear from featured guest speaker, Rabbi David Saperstein, enjoy a dessert reception and more.
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