JCC Pool and Aquatics Guidelines


• The JCC pool is for members and guests only. Adult guests must present a picture ID.

• Everyone must shower before entering the pool.

• Do not enter the pool if you have any open wounds or sores.


• The lifeguards oversee enforcement of the policies established by the JCC Aquatics Department. Cooperation is essential for everyone’s safety.

• No running or roughhousing allowed.

• Diving is allowed in designated areas only.

• No playing is allowed near the handicapped ramp.

• No smoking, vaping, or tobacco use.


• No food or gum allowed within eight feet of either pool.

• No glass of any sort, including glass containers, is allowed in the pool area.

• Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area.

• Members and guests can bring in food for their own consumption. We strongly request, however, as a courtesy to the wide variety of Jewish dietary practices, that no shellfish or pork be brought onto the Dell Jewish Community Campus, and that members and guests refrain from the mixing of meat and dairy. JCC sponsored events will adhere to the campus Kashrut policies.


• The JCC is a family facility. Appropriate attire is required. No jeans, cutoffs, underwear, thongs, or skimpy bathing attire are allowed.

• No boom boxes or loud audio devices are allowed. Only personal audio devices are allowed.

• No inflatable devices allowed, including water rings and beach chairs.


• All non-swimmers eleven (11) years of age and under (or less than 48 inches tall) must wear a USCG-approved Lifejacket Type III. Lifejackets are not required during JCC swim lessons.

• Children, eleven (11) years of age and under, whose parent or guardians request that they not be required to wear a USCG-approved Lifejacket Type III, must successfully complete the JCC Swim Test annually, as deļ¬ned by Shalom Austin. Upon successful completion of the JCC Swim Test, swimmers will receive a wristband that must be worn at all times in the pool and on the pool deck.

• A non-swimmer seven (7) years of age and under (or less than 48 inches tall), must remain within arm’s reach of a responsible adult at all times in the pools.

• Children, eleven (11) years of age and under, must be accompanied by a responsible adult, while inside the fenced aquatics area at all times.

• Diaper policy: All children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper with an additional layer of bathing suit on the outside while in the pools. Swim diapers may be purchased at the JCC Welcome Desk.


• The pools will be cleared at the first sign of thunder/lightning and remain closed until 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder.

• Whenever the temperature gauge on the pool deck reads 32 degrees and lower, the pool will close as a precaution for icy conditions on the deck.

• Members should check with the JCC Welcome Desk for the status of pool operation in cases of inclement weather.


• If only 1 person is in the lane, then he/she can swim on either side.

• If 2 people are in the lane, the lane should be split (meaning 1 person swims on the left side and the other person swims on the right).

• If 3 or more people are in a lane, they will circle swim (meaning everyone swims on the right side of the lane at all times).