Growing Together as a Community

Grow an organic garden, build and nurture community friendship, and learn and share gardening skills while becoming better stewards of our land and our health at the Xanadu Community Garden at the J!

Interested in growing a garden but you don’t have the space or the sun to do so? Each of our plots are 8′ x 8′ in a deer-proof, fenced-in area, and plots may be shared. Bring your own tools or borrow ours from the community shed. No watering can necessary! We also have access to two hoses on site.

Annual Fee: $99 JCC members | $150 non-members
Six-Month Fee: $55 JCC members | $85 non-members

Reservations are required and limited when you visit our Community Garden.  

About Our Plots

  • A map of garden plot availability and planting information is available here.
  • A single garden plot is approximately 8’ x 8’
  • Plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Plot selection is only guaranteed if plot number is listed at the time of registration
  • Plots can be shared

Plot Rental Fees

  • Annual fee: $99 member/$150 non-member per plot
  • Half year fee: $55 member/$85 non-member per plot
  • Fees will not be prorated if joined later in the season
  • Renewal payments are due by the first day of the new planting season
  • Rented garden plots will be reserved for the following season assuming on-time renewal payment
  • If payment or communication regarding intention of renewal has not been made within 7 business days following the start of the new planting season, plots will be released for others to rent.

Getting Started

Austin, TX is in Hardiness Zone 8b – this helps you determine what and when to plant and harvest based on what can survive a frost or hotter temperatures.

There are two growing seasons – spring (starts at the beginning of February) and fall (starts at the beginning of September).

  • Last freeze of the spring: ~March 15
  • First freeze of the winter: ~November 15
  • These dates could very well be in flux and we could experience a warmer than normal winter or an abnormally late frost in the spring.
  • July and August are considered Texas’ “off season” – meaning, unless you have a greenhouse, almost everything will get scorched and die, no matter how much you try to water.
  • Herbs tend to grow best in the winter, then keep growing but at a slower rate in the spring.

Sun Guidelines

All our plots receive full sun (except for plot #9 during the spring season due to shrub overgrowth along the fence). Here are some other terms you may see when selecting plants for your garden, classroom, or personal patios:

  • Full sun: at least 6 hours of sun
  • Partial sun: 3 to 6 hours of sun exposure each day, preferably in the cooler hours of the morning and early afternoon (needs at least the minimum requirements for sunlight)
  • Partial shade: 3 to 6 hours of sun exposure each day, preferably in the cooler hours of the morning and early afternoon (needs protection from the sun for most of the day)
  • Full shade: no direct sun

Learn More

Learn more about maintaining a garden plot including tips, tricks, garden etiquette, policies and our rental agreement.

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