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JCC March Madness Fitness Challenge

March 14

Whether you are rooting for a team, love the sport, or have no idea what March Madness even is, this challenge is for you! Compete with yourself or join us on Facebook to challenge your friends. #JCCMMChallenge

How It Works

  • Each NCAA bracket region will focus on different areas of the body: abs, upper body, lower body, and cardio
  • All 64 teams are paired with a specific exercise; winners of each game determine which exercises you complete next
  • Each round, the exercise sets get a little longer or harder

March Madness Fitness Challenge
Sunday, March 14-Monday, April 5
At Home, Online, or at the J.

Download Bracket.

We found this amazing challenge and want to share it with you! See below from Fit Bottomed Girls.


Whether you’re rooting for a specific team, you just love the sport, or you couldn’t care less about basketball and have no idea what the heck March Madness is, you’re welcome to take part in this challenge.

You can either participate in the challenge alone, or invite your friends to make it more fun. The more people, the more fun it is


Scroll down to see our March Madness bracket listing the exercises assigned to each of the competing teams.


When the actual March Madness bracket is unveiled (March 12), you’ll have to write the competing teams in their corresponding boxes (1-16 for each Division – Midwest, West, East or South).

Don’t worry if you’re new to all this “bracket” talk. It’s easy. The March Madness bracket will be published on every sports website and sports section in the newspaper. Just copy it onto our bracket here.


There are a total of 64 unique exercises, one for each team in the tournament.  All 64 exercises are divided into four divisions (Midwest – Abs; East – Upper body; West – Lower Body; South – Cardio).

All exercises in the #MMFBGChallenge are performed as a superset, which means that the two exercises are performed one after another with no rest in between them. Doing both exercises once each = one superset.

Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute between each superset. Do 3 supersets in total.

Not sure how to perform an exercise? No problem — these are very common exercises, so just drop the exercise name into YouTube and you’ll find tons of tutorials to guide you.


Take a look at Team #1 vs. Team #16 of the Midwest (Abs) division in the first round of the tournament (AKA the “Round of 64”). Every time Team #1 plays, you’ll be doing straight-leg wipers, and Team #16 indicates bird dogs. So, that’s your superset for this particular game: wipers and bird dogs.


There are a LOT of games happening during this tournament, so you will be building some serious home workouts when you combine the supersets from all the games that are happening day-to-day!

  • All exercises are body weight exercises, so you can do some awesome resistance training and cardio at home with no equipment. Yep, even while watching the March Madness games!
  • Each division has a different fitness focus, so you’ll be getting a true full-body workout.
  • The workouts are designed with progression in mind. They get a little more challenging as the tournament goes on. This is the perfect way to continually challenge your body to get stronger and leaner.