UT: American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust- An Object Lesson | Shalom Austin
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UT: American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust- An Object Lesson

September 15 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This talk asks critical questions about the future of Holocaust commemoration in the United States. How will the Holocaust continue to be remembered as memory and history come together, as those survivors who have so powerfully told their stories and lived their lives after the Holocaust are coming to their last days.? This talk describes how the Shoah has been commemorated in the United States and what is at stake at this historical crossroad. It addresses what it means to consider “after” as not just after the war, or after the Shoah, but as memory becomes history. It describes how the Holocaust has been remembered in the United States in the past and how it might be remembered going forward. It reconsiders how the loss that is the Shoah is experienced and understood in relation to other American Jewish losses not as competitive memories but rather in terms of how different losses touch and illuminate each other. And finally, it focuses in on what will continue to prompt those memories, the people but also increasingly, the objects that occasion these enactments.