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UT Talk: Dr. Artem Kharchenko

October 13 @ 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm


UT Talk: “The Jews in the Center and on the Periphery: What did the Imperial Authorities know about their Subjects?” by Dr. Artem Kharchenko

The focus of this presentation is Kharkiv, a city outside the Pale of Settlement during late Imperial Russia. Between 1859 and 1917, a large Jewish community was represented in the city, primarily due to internal Jewish migration. Who were these migrants and why did they choose Kharkiv? Another important question is how the relationship between the Jewish community and the authorities evolved during the period when the policy of “merger” of 1859-1881 was replaced by a policy of discrimination? The context of these permanent changes in relationship was the competition for national projects in the south of the empire, in particular in Kharkiv, as well as the birth of a modern phenomenon – anti-Semitism. What did the authorities know about their subjects and on the basis of what did they form their policy in response to the “Jewish Question”?