New Entrance Due to Construction

During construction, beginning November 2, we will have a new entrance for the fitness center through the main JCC doors by the flag poles.


As indicated on the map below, the new entrance will have two separate walkways to ensure adult JCC members and children enter safely and keep socially distant from other members and children who will be sharing the walkway. Please follow the signs and enter on the left side of the walkway straight into the main JCC doors. The right side is reserved for youth program access.  


Constuction Begins for New Rochelle & Stanley Ferdman Family Aqautic Center 


As a necessary step to begin construction on our exciting new Rochelle & Stanley Ferdman Family Aquatic Center, we will close the pool beginning Monday, November 2, 2020 until summer 2021. The fitness center and Gan Yaniv Nature Trail will remain open during this time, and we hope to see you there! 


By next summer, young families will be playing in our new activities pool with spray features, dumping buckets, water tables and slidesOlder children and adventurous adults will enjoy two additional large slides. The new main pool will have a much larger shallow area and the ability to rotate lap swimming directions. A new snack bar stocked with food from local vendors will have something for everyone so families and friends can spend the day at the pool. 


ECP Refresh Underway

We have been hard at work this summer making progress toward building the campus of our dreams and having it ready by the time we are able to safely convene once again.


The Generations project has commenced, and we have started with refreshing our Early Childhood Program preschool, the Clifford Zeifman Family Early Childhood Center, to create a new modern and safe space for our children to learn and grow. The funds raised from your generous contributions to the Generations Campaign have been designated for refreshing and building our future facilities, and we are excited that this project is underway.

For more about the ECP Refresh, please read our article in The Jewish Outlook.