Early Childhood Program: Infant & Baby Care
(Ages 6 weeks +)

The ECP infant program provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which educators engage and talk with children as they care for their needs and teach through play. They are cared for in a manner that assists them in developing trust in their surroundings and their educators. Infants have stable, consistent routines that are based on their own schedules for eating, resting, and playing. Educators foster language development through stories, songs, verbal interactions, as well as beginning baby sign language.

Developmental Goals
(Ages 2-12 months)

  Develops attachment to educators, is anxious with strangers, self-soothes, seeks attention with noise or gestures
  Gains sense of self (i.e. responds to own name), reacts to mirrored images, enjoys social play
  Acquires language by responding to sounds and some words (i.e. no), babbles with inflection, uses exclamations (i.e. oh-oh, bye-bye), says "dada" and "mama" for specific person
  Uses hand signs for some objects
  Increases large motor skills including rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, and raising hands over head
  Develops fine motor skills including grasping, scribbling, banging, finger feeding, and drinking from a sippy cup
  Understands cause/effect and object permanence
  Sits at a table



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