JAMen Forum Season 5 Membership Information and Registration

Membership is required in order to attend Jewish Austin Men Events and to help cover the cost of our delicious dinners and dynamic programs.
Become a JAMen Member today!

JAMen Sustaining Memberships and Annual Memberships now include all six dinners. You'll no longer need to go onto the Shalom Austin website before each event to signup and enter your credit card information. The cost of dinners average $50 each (depending on the entree), including food, beverage, kosher catering and service charges. Even if for some reason, you're unable to attend a couple of programs, you'll still come out ahead.

**You'll receive an email one week prior to each event where you'll be asked to RSVP with a single click. Our goal is to avoid excess food waste and unnecessary costs. Not to worry. If your plans change, we can always accommodate a few more. It's a Jewish event after all.

Sustaining Membership - $240 (includes all six dinners and programs)
Sustaining members receive a special invitation to a JAMen meetup reception during the season as well as special recognition on:                                                                                

  • Nametags
  • Posters
  • Slides and the Shalom Austin website

Annual Membership - $180 (includes all six dinners and programs) 

If it's easier on your budget, you can call Carly Karten to arrange covering the $240 Sustaining Membership or the $180 Annual Membership over four months from September thru December. 

Guests - $50 (Register at shalomaustin.org/jamenguest
Guests will have to cover the full $50 event dinner cost. If they choose to become JAMen members following the dinner, the $50 covert will be applied to their sustaining or annual membership.

Questions? Contact Carly Karten at carly.karten@shalomaustin.org or (512) 735-8044

Membership for the 2019-2020 season will close after the 3rd Forum. (Dec.19)

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JAMen Season 5 Membership
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JAMen Membership- Season 5:
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