Gain new SKILLS with our hands-on, experiential preschool summer of fun, gain CONFIDENCE, and find your COMMUNITY at a camp that brings together children of all faiths and backgrounds. Lesson plans and activities structured around exciting session themes that will have your children moovin' and groovin'!


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Session 1 | July 6 - 17

Session 2 | July 20 - 31

Session 3 | August 3 - 14

Per Session:
Member: $800
Non-Member: $850

For financial assistance information, please reach out to Janet Schreffler at or at 512-694-0853.

SESSION 1: July 6 – 17 All Together Now

Week 1: Twist and Shout
We’re so excited to be back together, we just have to twist and shout about it! This week will be a celebration of all of us coming back together. As we work together to get used to our new routines, we will focus on moving our bodies and using our voices to express ourselves.

Week 2: With A Little Help from My Friends
Time to settle in and make new connections with our classrooms and all the lovely people we’ll share it with. As we delight in each other’s company, we will explore the idea of connection in science and discover the power of collaboration through music and play. Together we can do amazing things.

SESSION 2: July 20-31 Baby You Can Drive My Car

Week 1: Ticket to Ride
This week will be all about things that go and the places they can take us! Buckle up for a week of exploring the physics of rolling cars, engaging in dramatic play, and even making our own passports. I wonder where we will go!

Week 2: Yellow Submarine
We will flow through this week while discovering the unique properties and soothing powers of water. Join us to learn about different bodies of water and what lives in them, as well as how water helps our own bodies feel calm and refreshed.

SESSION 3: August 3-14 Across The Universe

Week 1: Here Comes the Sun
Plenty of sunshine headed our way this week! We will spend our time exploring light and color. Sometimes we may have to find shelter in the shade outside, but we can always have a great time discovering our shadows. Come soak up those sweet rays with us!

Week 2: Magical Mystery Tour
Our world is full of mystery! This week will be devoted to satisfying our curiosity about the world around us and finding magic in our everyday lives. Through mindful play, we can ground our bodies to the earth, so our minds are free to wander.

This summer due to COVID-19 we have updated our parent handbook which lays out all of the new policies and procedures.