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Lulu Lopez Goodman

Move Better with Yoga and Functional Movement

Combining yoga and functional movement can be a powerful tactic to gaining flexibility while building strength; learn the ways to creatively and systematically strengthen and stretch, stabilize and mobilize, unwind and unbind your body to feel and move better for everyday life activities, personal practice or performance.

TRAINING TIP: “Focus on the integrity of your form with all types of exercise to get the most benefit out of your practice.”


• NASM Certified Personal Trainer
• RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
• Yoga Tune Up® Certified Instructor
• Pilates Certified Instructor
• CrossFit Level I Certified Trainer
• Certified Spinning Instructor
• Tabata Bootcamp™ Certified Instructor
• Graduate of Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, 500-hour program


“Let your breath accompany you. Be mindful of what you are doing in the present, and that will translate to a better, stronger you.”

Favorite Exercise: Spinal Extension Exercises

“Spinal extension exercises, like salabasana (locust pose) or ‘Supermans.’ Everyone needs more spinal extension and strengthening in their thoracic spine.”

Heather Brands

Heather Brands

Aquatics & Fitness Manager