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Toss and Catch Challenge

Part 1

Looking for a fun activity for the kids? Grab a ball and try Coach Jen’s Toss & Catch Challenge!

Toss and Catch Challenge

Part 2

Grab a ball and join Coach Jen for part 2 of the Toss & Catch Challenge!

Kan Jam

Play our home version of the frisbee game Kan Jam with Coach Jen and a special guest!

Frisbee Golf

Get outside and have some fun creating your own Frisbee Golf course!

Air Raid

Grab a frisbee and get moving with Coach Jen. We’re playing Air Raid!

Super Sports: T-Ball Fielding

Get moving with Coach Jen and a special guest. For this activity you’ll need about 10 balls, 2 containers (such as boxes, buckets, or laundry baskets), and a family member.

Jen Reed

Jen Reed

Athletics & Fitness Director

O (512) 735-8206