JFS Emergency Financial Assistance

Jewish Family Service is able to provide emergency financial assistance to Jewish individuals in the Greater Austin area during times of financial hardship.

Limited funds are available to address basic needs such as rent, mortgage, utilities and food. Assistance is geared towards addressing the most critical needs such as avoiding eviction, utility shut-off and hunger.

All requests for assistance are carefully screened utilizing a financial assessment. Related documentation such as copies of current bills, leases, and bank statements may be required.   
Following approval of a request for emergency financial assistance, any funds provided are paid directly to the lender via check and US mail. Lenders must provide IRS tax identification prior to release of payment. A minimum of 24 hours or one business day is required for all checks to be processed and mailed via USPS.

Funding for emergency financial assistance is made possible through generous contributions to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign. 

For more information, contact JFS at 512-250-1043 or jfs@shalomaustin.org.

Emergency financial assistance is made possible for community members by generous contributions to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign.