Health & Wellness Programs For Adults

A Matter of Balance

Many older adults experience fear of falling. People with this fear often limit their activities which actually can result in increased risk of falling. A Matter of Balance emphasizes practical strategies to reduce this fear of falling, increase your activity level, improve your balance and flexibility, familiarize yourself with easy adjustments to reduce fall risks at home, and identify and control your fear of falling. Course consists of 8 2-hour sessions led by trained facilitators following a nationally recognized curriculum. Course offered in collaboration with AGE of Austin. Preregistration is required to attend. For more information, please contact Annie Skelton at (512) 735-8088. Meets in JCC Room 150C.

W I 2:30 PM-4:30 PM I 2/8-3/29 I 8x I Free

Eclectic Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a practice of conscious breathing, movement (asanas), and awareness to achieve health benefits and relaxation. Medical studies show that a regular yoga practice increases flexibility, strength, balance, energy, focus, and endurance; improves posture; and teaches students to manage work and home stress. Class consists of 50 minutes of asana, followed by deep relaxation to integrate the practice. The teacher offers individual assistance during class. This class is most suitable for those students who can easily get up/down from the floor and who have good cardiovascular fitness. Classes are taught by Ellen B. Smith, certified and registered yoga instructor. For more information, contact Ellen Smith at (512) 266-7926 or   
See Yoga at the J.

M, W I M: 11:15-12:15; 7-8; W: 11:15-12:15 I Ongoing I 3x week I $10m/$15nm  

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art designed to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. This exercise promotes health, fitness and longevity. By practicing the sequence of movements, students can develop strength and coordination, while reducing stress and increasing mental focus. Tai Chi is beneficial as a supplement to other athletic activities and therapeutic for recovering from physical injuries. This is excellent exercise for all ages and fitness levels. For more information, contact Dan Boone and Marjorie Jackson at (512) 916-8919 or Meets in Aerobics Room.

Fri l 12:05-1:05 l ongoing l $8m l $12 nm per class

TLC Tai Chi Level 1

Interested in Tai Chi but hesitant to take a conventional group class? In TLC Tai Chi, special attention is focused on adapting Tai Chi forms to your needs and challenges. Participants are asked to be part of a research study about Tai Chi for chronic care management and commit to at least one class per week for 12 consecutive weeks if possible. This is a pilot program of the JCC in collaboration with the Neuropathy Alliance of Texas and the Arthritis Foundation. Pre-registration is required to attend and there is a waitlist for this class. Instructor is Julie Wylie.  For more information, contact Annie Skelton at 512-735-8088 or Meets in JCC Room 150D.

T & F I 9-10 AM I Ongoing I 2x week I $20/month

TLC Tai Chi Level 2 

Tai Chi Level 2 is a continuation class limited to those who have successfully completed the first 12-week TLC Tai Chi program. Commit for another 12 weeks and advance your Tai Chi mastery. Enroll one month at a time.   For more information, contact Annie Skelton at 512-735-8088 or Meets in JCC Room 150D.

M & Th I 9-10 AM I Ongoing I 2x week I $3 per class


Come walk with friends and make new ones, with the optional goal of a 5K in the fall, led by spirited instructor Lorin Wilson and the JCC Senior Adult Programs staff, as they motivate you to increaseendurance, get fresh air, and have fun in a safe and social environment. Meets at the Welcome Desk. For more information, contact Virginia Lill at 512-735-8224 or

M I 9:30-10 AM I Ongoing I $0m/$10nm per class

Swimming and Aquatics 

For Master Swim, Prenatal Aquatics, Private Swim Lessons and Water Running, see Swim Lessons and Aquatics

Knowing Neuropathy 

These monthly meetings are both a learning opportunity (guest speakers each month) and a chance to build community and get support from others. ‘Knowing Neuropathy’ is a collaboration of the Adult Program and Hands, Feet & Heart, Texas Chapter of the National Neuropathy Association. Meets on the 4th Monday of each month except December, July and August. Meets in JCC Room 150C. 

M I 1:30-2:30 PM I Ongoing I 9x

Community Garden 

Are you interested in growing a garden, but you don’t have the space or sun to do so? Garden space rental is available for a 8’ x 8’ fenced- in, deer-proof spot at the organic JCC Xanadu Community Garden. For more information, contact Virginia Lill at 512-735-8224 or Space available starting February 1.

$50m/$65nm for Spring or $90m/$117 for full year 

Israeli Folkdance (All Ages)

Israeli dance is more than your grandmother's hora.  It is an energetic form of dance that takes its form of dance mainly for Israeli Folk Dancing but also is influenced by music from all over the world.  Austin Israeli Folk Dancing has been at the J for the last 7 years under the leadership of Teresa Pomerantz. For more information, contact Teresa Pomerantz at (903) 513-4095 or Meets in JCAA Aerobic Room. You will pay the intructor directly. Do not pay at the fitness center Welcome Desk.  You will be asked to sign in each Tuesday at the fitness center window unless you are a JCC member.

T I 8:10-9:55 PM I 10/8 I Ongoing I $5m, students and seniors / $7nm per class.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers Class                             

This free series of 6 classes is designed to empower family caregivers of older adults to take better care of themselves. The evidence-based curriculum of PTC was developed by Dr. Kate Lorig and her colleagues at Stanford University and has benefited more than 80,000 caregivers nationwide. Participants will learn to reduce personal stress, express their needs, learn from emotions, communication strategies, and more. Class is in collaboration with AGE of Austin and made possible thanks to financial support from the St. David's Foundation. Sign up to be contacted for the next session. Meets in JCC Room 150C. For more, please contact Annie Skelton at 512-735-8088 or

Th I 3-4:30 pm I 10/4-11/15  I 6x I Free

Looking for other Group Fitness Classes for Adults?

Many other ongoing exercise opportunities are available at no cost to JCC members, including more than 60 group exercise classes held every week in the fitness center. Bring a friend – drop-in attendance is welcome! Visit for schedules and details, or contact Fitness & Wellness Director Virginia Lill at (512) 735-8224 or Childcare also available – for more details, please visit, or call (512) 735-8000. 

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