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New Monthly Film Series 

The Austin Jewish Film Festival & Shalom Austin 
Monthly Film Series - "Autonomies"
Sunday, April 5 | 5 PM
Shalom Austin Community Hall

“Autonomies” is the new Israeli dystopian drama miniseries created by the same team as "Shtisel": Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky. The story is set in an alternate reality of present-day Israel, a nation torn and divided by a wall into the secular “State of Israel,” with Tel Aviv as its capital, and the “Haredi Autonomy” in Jerusalem, run by an ultra-Orthodox religious group. Weaving multiple plot lines together, this is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking series. This event will exhibit the COMPLETE miniseries plus a meal of pizza, drinks, and other items (food cost included in the event ticket) to be served during the intermission. A gluten-free option will be available. Hebrew with English subtitles.

Cast: Assi Cohen, Rotem Sela, Shuli Rand, Dana Ivgy, Daniella Kertesz
Director: Yehonatan Indursky
Writer: Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky
Length: 240 minutes

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The Austin Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) attracts a following from the Austin community, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Many films that are screened at the AJFF would not find distribution elsewhere, as the festival brings the best new Jewish films to our community each year. Throughout the year, the film festival committee gathers regularly to view hundreds of films in order to select the best ones for the annual festival. The committee pays special attention to films that will engage the community, those that might have a local connection, those worthy of outside speakers or panel discussions, and those whose directors or actors can speak at an event in person or through Skype. These kinds of events mark the difference between a film festival and simply a film series. 

The AJFF holds its annual festival at two locations: the Arbor Cinema and Georgetown’s City Lights Theatre.  The week-long festival includes approximately 25 films and shorts. The AJFF also presents quarterly events to the community throughout the year.

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