Billing Options

You may set up the payment of your membership in one of the following ways:

We will bill your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) monthly.

We will draft your bank account monthly. When registering, please provide us with a check for the registration fee and first month’s dues in addition to a voided check.

You may write a check for a semi-annual or an annual payment. You will receive a bill in January and/or July indicating that your next payment is due.

For more information on Billing, contact our Membership Operations Coordinator, Miriam Mosher at (512) 735-8026.


Your membership automatically renews on a month-to-month basis. In order to cancel a J membership, we require a 60-day notice in writing. Notice must be given at least 60 days prior to the next billing date. Email or stop by the welcome desk for more info.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to individuals and families to assist with the costs of membership and fees for JCC programs.  Financial aid is awarded according to family income. Financial aid determinations are conducted in a strictly confidential manner. Contact Janet Schreffler at (512)735-8062 or