Swim School at the J: Parent & Child Lessons

The purpose of the Parent and Child Aquatic Program is to teach basic skills that prepare young children to become comfortable in the water so they can be ready to learn how to swim when they are older. The program is not designed to teach children to become accomplished swimmers or even to survive in the water on their own. It will, however, provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to orient your child to the water and to safely supervise all water activities. Students will learn:

• Learn how to enter and exit the water safely with assistance.
• Learn to ask for permission before entering the water.
• Feel comfortable in the water.
• Practice blowing bubbles.
• Explore submerging to the mouth, nose, eyes and completely with assistance.
• Explore buoyancy on the front and back position with assistance.
• Change body position in the water with assistance.
• Learn how to play safely in the water with assistance.

8:1 Ratio (All class days require parent or guardian participation.)

  • Minimum of four participants required.
  • Sundays meet once a week for 3 or 4 weeks (depending on month).
  • Mondays & Wednesdays meet twice a week for one month (8 classes per session).

SUMMER SCHEDULE: To register, click on the day(s) of the week below.