Personal Training at the J

DJ Olsson
Forever Fit

“Fifty Plus and Fabulous” is my mantra because fitness has no age limit! Combining functional training methods with strength training, mixed with high intensity intervals, balance drills and flexibility techniques, your forever fitness needs are covered.

TRAINING TIP: "Motion is the lotion! Keep moving – age is only a number, not a destiny."


• Bachelor of Arts and Nursing Diploma, St. Mary's College
• AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
• Fitour Certified Post-Rehab Specialist
• Former Master Fitness Instructor, US Army
• Former PSIA Ski Instructor
• NASTAR National Championship Bronze Medalist
• NASTAR National Championship qualified (2014-2016)
• 20+ years experience in personal training


TRAINING TIP: "Doing hundreds of ab crunches will not get rid of belly fat!  A combination of diet, cardio, and core exercise together will help conquer the beast."

Favorite Exercise: BOSU Ball Squats with Side to Side Movement
"It will give you the most bang for your buck. It works the brain, core, quads, butt, ankles and challenges your balance."

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