Personal Training at the J

Balanced, Active Aging

If your goal is to achieve a pain-free, healthy and active life, it's all about the small things that add up: posture, balance, flexibility, core and total body strength. Learning how they each work together and becoming aware of your own body can create a profound impact on how you move and thrive in your daily life. Finding balance and enjoyment in exercise is possible!

TRAINING TIP: "All movement extends from the core, so stabilizing the pelvis, connecting to your breath, and conditioning the core muscles are all major keys to improving how you move in your everyday life."


· ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
· Stott Reformer Certified Pilates Instructor
· Bachelor of Arts in Dance, The Ohio State University
· Fitour Certified Group Exercise Instructor
· Lotus Palm Level I Thai Massage Certified
· Former program leader for Level I Dance for Parkinson's Disease
· Interactive workshop presenter, "Restorative Stretch - Liberate your Spine"
· Specializes in Pilates, core-focused strength training, senior fitness, corrective exercise for posture and pelvic health, balance and flexibility training
· 20+ years experience in fitness and Pilates instruction



TRAINING TIP: "Commit to move your body every day in meaningful ways."

Favorite Exercise: Hip Flexor Stretch
"If I had to choose, it wouldn't be an exercise at all, but rather a hip flexor stretch because so much of our daily routine is spent in flexion (i.e. sitting), rather than standing and moving. The more we sit, the more we need to stretch!"

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