Personal Training at the J

Restoration & Muscular Conditioning

Have muscular weakness or joint problems? No Problem! Safely reduce or prevent pain and discomfort using personalized exercises that target weak muscles, poor posture, or limited flexibility. Restore your body, shape your muscles, and achieve strength the right way.

TRAINING TIP: "Don't get discouraged or avoid exercises you're not good at. Even the strongest of athletes or fit people started from the bottom and worked towards their goals. You are also that person." -Matt


 ACE Certified Personal Trainer
 Assistant Command Fitness Leader, Corpsman, United States Navy
 Physical Therapy Assistant, Naval Academy Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Clinic, Annapolis and Quantico Marine Officer Training Base, Quantico
 Medical Assistant and Physical Therapy Tech, Naval Hospital, Guam
 5 years of experience in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, working with amputees, stroke victims, pre-/post-surgery patients, and general musculoskeletal injuries
 12+ years of experience in weight training, core training, calisthenics, power yoga, survival swimming, and fitness nutrition


TRAINING TIP: "Pay attention to your body's range of motion. If you feel limited, weak, or tight somewhere, that's your body’s way of saying something needs strengthening or stretching."

Favorite Exercise: Pull Ups
"Progressing them can be a fun challenge and achieving your first pull-up is an amazing accomplishment."

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