Personal Training at the J

Logical Strength Programming

Strength is the most desirable physical adaptation as it has positive carryover into every other aspect of fitness. Whether your goal is fat loss, gaining muscle, sport specific performance, being a more competitive mud runner or just carrying all your groceries in one trip - strength is your foundation. Learn how each and every part of your body is connected and build a strong structure, not just strong muscles. It doesn’t get anymore “functional” than being strong.

TRAINING TIP: "Focus on the fundamentals - squat, deadlift, press and pull. There’s a reason the fundamentals have stuck around so long and all elite athletes use them. I’m not saying bicep curls are useless, but they won’t make you strong. The pink rubber dumbbells won’t do you much good because it’s not enough weight to elicit an adaptation. Don’t major in the minors."


· NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
· Graduate of Train Life Fit Movement Academy
· Fitour Certified Group Exercise Instructor
· Lifelong multi-sport power athlete (football, basketball, track and field - 100m sprint, shotput)
· Collegiate athlete, Michigan Lutheran Seminary (football, track and field)
· Specializes in strength training, body recomposition, youth and adult sports performance and conditioning, post-rehab performance restoration
· 14 years experience in personal training


TRAINING TIP: "Saying 'fitness is a lifestyle' sounds cliché, but 90 day fad workouts and 'going on a diet' don't create lasting change. If you're serious about improving your body and changing your life, learn how to eat and train. Schedule it into your life as you would any other responsibility. Embrace the challenge and savor even the smallest victories."

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift
"There is no exercise more functionally relevant to sport and everyday life than the deadlift - it requires total body strength, is relatively easy to learn and is just plain primally satisfying."

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