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Loaded Movement Training

The more we move in dynamic ways, the better we feel. Adding weight (load) to movement gives the body a double benefit of enabling us to become stronger and fitter at the same time. This type of functional training is a little different than traditional strength training, but it is key to reaching goals of weight management, changing body composition, and improving agility and functionality in all aspects of life.

TRAINING TIP: "Create variety in your workout. Nothing creates boredom faster than doing the same thing every time you work out. In addition, your body adapts to the routine and your progress is minimal at best (your body hits a plateau). Changing things up keeps you feeling refreshed and will elicit more of a response by your body, helping you to achieve your goals faster." -Tim


 NASM Certified Personal Trainer
 Integrated Flexibility Training Certified
Muscle Activation Technique Certified
Top 2000 Finisher Body-For-Life
Specializes in strength training, core training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, ViPR, TRX Suspension and Rip Stick Training
18+ years experience in personal training


TRAINING TIP: "Get strong in the gym, but get lean everywhere else. Working out at the gym is only one piece of the puzzle, and all the other extra steps really do add up to you achieving your goals faster. So take the stairs instead of the elevator, make walking more part of your routine, and make sure you eat the right kinds of food."

Favorite Exercise: "Stir the Pot"
"I believe it’s the single best exercise for strengthening your core and sparing your back. I’m a firm believer that all core exercises should be in a neutral spine position. You only get so many bends in a lifetime. Don’t waste them doing crunches."

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