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Early Childhood Program Philosophy

In the ECP, educators view children as natural learners, not only with individual learning styles, but as partners in the research, construction, and discussion of knowledge. Jewish values emphasize that educators inspire children to question their world and appreciate multiple perspectives. ECP educators accomplish this by fostering an environment rich in discovery and full of emergent curriculum through structured and spontaneous opportunities for play and development. When children are agents of their own learning, they build life-long critical thinking skills and are more deeply invested in the process. Most things that children have learned from infancy forward are the direct result of their natural curiosity and need to know about the world in which they live. No one has to tell them to touch, look, explore, or develop language; learning is a positive and natural drive in them. Children attain school readiness and academic skills by being a part of such a learning environment. The ECP strives to provide this by facilitating development of:
           self-confidence and a positive self-image;
           enthusiasm for the learning process;
           effective problem solving;
           complex skills in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical areas of development;
           a general respect for others and our own bodies;
           a feeling of group belonging and community connectedness both locally and globally; and
           values to use for self-guided direction.

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