Early Childhood Program: Toddlers
(Ages 12 months +)

The ECP toddler program provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which educators engage and talk with children as they care for their needs and teach through play. Toddlers are encouraged to develop independence while maintaining a personal and community sense of security. Planning for this age group includes many sensory, language development, social, fine and gross motor skill activities. Educators expand upon each child's knowledge base and help them to internalize the skills of observing, gathering information, inquiring, and improving communication. Connections to art, music, movement, and nature are built during this process, as well as a beginning sense of helping others.

Developmental Goals
(Ages 12-24 months)

     Self-help skills including seating self in chair, trying to open lunch box/items, using a spoon, removing/putting on some items of clothing (i.e. shoes, socks, hats)
     • Makes independent choices regarding play, engages in parallel play, and begins to enjoy peer play
     • Develops a sense of confidence and self-worth
     • Awareness of others and their feelings
     • Expresses emotions appropriately, awareness and beginning control of aggression
     • Names familiar objects, expresses physical needs (i.e. thirsty, hungry), uses 2-3 word sentences, sings songs
     • Fine motor skills including clapping, stacking, raising lids, stringing, completing 2-3 piece puzzles
     • Throws and kicks a ball, runs, rides small riding toys, pulls and pushes toys
     • Curious about surrounding world and uses imagination in play
     • Imitates behavior of others, especially adults and older children



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