Yoga at the J

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BALANCE, ENERGY & BREATH*  (Register online.)
Master teacher, Margie Jackson, will draw from 30 years experience teaching yoga, meditation, chi kung (Chinese yoga), and tai chi – an ancient system of carefully coordinated exercises following a natural, relaxed pattern of gradual movements and body rotation. This class will help you build balance, stamina, and focus, with exercises being complemented by breathing techniques, quieting the mind and energy work. $8 JCC members, $12 non-members. Contact or (512) 916-8919 for more info.

The strength built from yoga will help you feel more relaxed in the saddle, stay more focused while climbing and descending and give you added strength and flexibility in every phase of your riding. (All Levels)

ECLECTIC HATHA YOGA* with instructor Ellen B. Smith  (Register online.) 
A practice of conscious breathing, movement (asanas) and creating present awareness. Students will work on balance, flexibility, full body strength, concentration & relaxation. $10 JCC members, $15 non-members. Contact or 512-297-7949 for more information.

KAUIT YOGA*  (Non-members must register online.)
A therapeutic yoga practice that guides students to work through chronic pain, injuries, general aches and stiffness to improve quality of life. 10-30 poses are held for 1 minute each to lengthen tight muscles and relax the body and mind. Bolsters are used for leverage and support of certain poses. Free for JCC members, $10 non-members.

Sweat, then stretch! 45 minutes of heart pumping indoor cycling, followed a 15 min. yoga session to lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

A Vinyasa flow class with emphasis on the core. Postures are linked to create a fluid practice in tandem with postures intended to strengthen and tone your core.

Combines elements of Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga with Pilates. This class will focus on balance and core strengthening, followed deep stretching and relaxation. Suitable for all fitness levels.

A challenging flow yoga class designed to improve flexibility, balance, core and overall strength. Every last Friday of the month we offer a Restorative Yoga class.

A fitness therapy program that combines the use of corrective exercise, self-massage and yoga to minimize pain, improve posture and enhance performance.

YOGALICIOUS (Ages 3-5)  (Register online.)
Bring your preschooler to sing, move, and play in this 45-minute yoga class. Using our imagination to bring a yoga journey to life, we will combine yoga poses with engaging songs, breathing, and meditation. We always make time for both exercise and calm relaxation. Yoga mats provided.

*additional fee class and requires pre-registration. 

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