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A Recipe for Community: Women’s Philanthropy Introduces Four Course Program

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Nov 23, 2021

By Arielle Levy

Shalom Austin Women’s Philanthropy is announcing its third cohort of Taste of Women’s Philanthropy, a four-course forum that enriches one’s knowledge of the Austin Jewish community and provides an opportunity to connect with other community-minded Jewish women. It is a series of four evening programs beginning in January 2022. Participants will take a journey through Shalom Austin and Women’s Philanthropy and learn how the work the organizations do together impacts the Jewish community in Austin and beyond. 

This is a great opportunity for those looking to get involved or learn more about the Jewish community in Austin. Whether a newcomer is interested in participating, or someone has been in town for years, this program is for all. The first course introduces Shalom Austin through a wide lens with a focus on Women’s Philanthropy as well. Everyone has a place at the Shalom Austin table. Participants will find out what brings everyone together and feast on the many ways Shalom Austin and Women’s Philanthropy makes a difference in the community.

In the second course, participants will dig into local offerings of programs and organizations supported by Shalom Austin, internally and externally. Participants will learn the many ways to build community by delving into the local community impact with local partners like Texas Hillel and Austin Jewish Academy. Participants will also learn more about Shalom Families, affinity groups like Blue Knot, and more.

For the third course, participants will explore Shalom Austin’s global impact. They will get a sample of how Shalom Austin serves its brothers and sisters in Israel and globally, and how Israel comes to Austin in the summers.

The fourth course is called Past, Preset, and Future: The Culture of Women’s Philanthropy. At this session, a multi-generational panel of leaders will share their experiences with Women’s Philanthropy, and participants can chat with current members of the Women’s Philanthropy Committee to learn more about their involvement.

The four courses are held in person from 7-9 p.m. on January 12, February 9, March 1, and April 5. 

To register, visit shalomaustin.org/taste. It’s $36 to taste. To learn more about this program and what else Women’s Philanthropy has to offer, contact Arielle Levy, Women’s Philanthropy & Missions Director, at arielle.levy@shalomaustin.org or (512) 735-8090. ■

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