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JCamps to Grow Inclusion Program in Summer 2022

Shalom Austin, The Jewish Outlook

Feb 24, 2022

An Inclusion camper at JCamps enjoys the foam pit with his friends. Photo Credit: Jon Kniss

By Alexa Rosenblat

It’s that time of year! JCamps, Shalom Austin JCC’s summer camp program for children grades K-10, is gearing up for another amazing summer on the Dell Jewish Community Campus. This summer, they are growing their inclusion program. 

The inclusion program was created so that campers with special needs can receive individualized support at JCamps. This program is for children with learning, developmental, social, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. 

Inclusion counselors, along with the JCamps administrative team, keep an open line of communication with inclusion families from registration onward to ensure campers are set up for success.

“My son was able to participate in camp activities with his peers which is a huge accomplishment for him. JCamps has staff who are trained to work with special needs kids, and they did a wonderful job of helping Lucas through many obstacles and of keeping me updated on how his day went,” explained the mother of a camper in the inclusion program.

Depending on the need, campers will be paired 1:1 or 2:1 with an inclusion counselor and will join their bunk in all camp activities. 

“[My son] had individual support to address specific needs and concerns, and the communication between staff and family was top notch! I saw my son mature each session, and he needed less and less support as the summer progressed! My son does not have many Jewish peers in school, and I was excited for him to make more Jewish friends and learn Hebrew words and blessings,” said a mother whose child participated in the JCamps inclusion program.

Last summer, JCamps was able to provide support for six campers in the inclusion program. This year, they aim to double that. With the help and contributions of community members, JCamps can provide more staffing and supplies, and successfully welcome more children into the inclusion program. 

For more information visit shalomaustin.org/camp.  

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