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Five Ways Donors are Connecting Their Philanthropic Goals With Their Passions  

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Oct 13, 2022

By Amy Hyman, Senior Development Director 

As the end of 2022 approaches, many people are in the full swing of end-of-year tax planning. When planning end-of-year philanthropic decisions, a vehicle like the Shalom Austin Jewish Foundation can help moderate the ups and downs of financial markets and this comes in the form of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).  

A DAF is a tool that enables one’s management of giving all in one place, like a personal philanthropic account that can be opened with a minimum of $5,000. A DAF allows the fundholder to make a charitable contribution to that fund upfront, receive the associated tax benefits immediately, and then make grants from the fund to one’s favorite non-profit organizations when the timing is right.  

Although DAFs are not a new concept, many people are still unaware of the ease and benefits of using them. To help answer questions and start the conversation about DAFs, The Shalom Austin Jewish Foundation is hosting a special information session on October 20 from 7-8:00 p.m. For those who prefer to attend virtually, a Zoom session will be held on Thursday, October 20 from 12-1:00 p.m. The meeting is free to attend and there is no obligation to make any financial commitments. To get on the list and reserve your seat at this important event, email If you are interested in learning more though the above meetings don’t work for you, we will record the session and email it to those who are interested. 

In the meantime, let’s look at the top five reasons so many people choose to open a Donor Advised Fund with the Shalom Austin Jewish Foundation. 

1. Gifts That Keep on Giving 

Money in each fund is invested with the returns coming back to the fund, thus giving fundholders more money to donate and thus increasing their impact! 

2. Your Donation, Your Choice 

Fundholders have the power to direct donations from their fund to any non-profit organization they wish: their alma mater, synagogue, Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, and charities in the US, Israel and around the world. 

3. All in Your Family 

Once a fund is established, fundholders can add family members as fund managers. This is a tool parents like to use to teach their children about tzedakah (charitable giving). 

4. Making Taxes Easy to Manage 

When fundholders make a single gift to their Jewish Foundation fund to be distributed amongst various charitable organizations, it makes doing the charitable giving part of their taxes easy. 

5. Ups, Downs and Consistent Giving 

Having a windfall year? Fundholders can put that money into their donor-advised fund and then distribute it over multiple years. 

To learn more, join the Shalom Austin Jewish Foundation at one of the upcoming information sessions!

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