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Shalom Austin Annual Meeting Kicks Off a Day of Celebration

The Jewish Outlook

Jun 29, 2023

Shalom Austin 2023-24 Board from left to right: Shalom Austin CEO Rabbi Daniel A. Septimus, Shalom Austin CFO Nicole Gilger, Steve Meyers, Lily Smullen, Rick Rosenberg, Julie Franklin, Seth Halpern, Phil Loewy, Bruce Zimmerman, Marcia Silverberg, Heather Krol, Arthur Altman, Alex Robinson, Ilana Nesher, Cara Kelly, Matt Smith, Daniel Carl, Joel Waxman. Credit: Jolie Estes

By Wendy Goodman

On May 21, Shalom Austin invited the community to enjoy a day of festivities celebrating the grand opening of the new Dell JCC. The morning started with Shalom Austin’s Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting opened with remarks from outgoing Shalom Austin Board Chair Rick Rosenberg and Shalom Austin CEO Rabbi Daniel A. Septimus who welcomed incoming Board Chair Seth Halpern.

Shalom Austin Treasurer Steve Meyers gave financial updates, and the new board of directors were inducted. The community celebrated the Community Service Award recipients Nancy Wolf and Russ Apfel of Austin Jews & Partners for Refugees and the Staff Exemplar Award recipient Nicole Kirksey, executive assistant at Shalom Austin.

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