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Building the Future of the Jewish Community.

The Generations Campaign reached a major milestone raising its $25 million goal. Every dollar donated was matched by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation has also awarded Generations with a $500,000 challenge grant.

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Generations donors Michael and Susan Dell

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

“In 2000, we opened the JCC [Jewish Community Center] to usher in a new era of connection for the Austin Jewish community. With the Generations Campaign, we look forward to seeing the JCC continue to carry that torch for our families, our friends, and our community.”

Rapoport family photo

The Rapoport Family

“As Austin becomes a center of Texas Jewry, we wanted there to be a corner to remember them because they were so committed to Central Texas Jewry,” Abby Rapoport, Shalom Austin Board President, said. She sees the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center as a hub where everyone can access the tools and resources that are meaningful to their Jewish journey.”

Generations Mabee Foundation

J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation

Formed in 1948 by John E. Mabee and his wife, Lottie E. Mabee, the Mabee Foundation aids religious organizations, charitable organizations, institutions of higher learning and hospitals in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Generations donors Epstein

The Epstein Family

“We want the campus to meet the needs of today’s families and hope one day our children’s children, and even their children, will enjoy its many offerings.”

Debra & Brett Hurt

“When we visited other cities to help assess what drew people to their JCCs on a regular basis, two features lacking in Austin kept coming up: an incredible year round tennis program and a family-friendly, outdoor water park. We knew then what we wanted to see at our JCC.”

David & Shantel Ferdman

“The entire new list of additions is exciting both for the new people in Austin as well as the people who have been here forever,” David said. “The J is an amazing asset to the community, and as it’s expanded, it just makes it that much better.”

Lynne & Steven Gellman

“We believe in the community of the campus, in bringing so many diferent Jewish organizations together in one place. We supported the construction of the campus in the first pass and we feel it’s been a very cohesive addition to the Jewish community and the community at large.”

Generations donor Buddy Freed

The Freed & Stein Family

“The Generations Campaign is important to us because the Austin community has grown since we moved here and the campus needs to grow and improve with the population in order to offer the best services and programs possible.”

Generations donors Newberg family

Val & Jeff Newberg

“We are big believers that we have to take care of our own and it is a gift to give. We are building this campus for generations to come. Selfishly, we want our children, and hopefully one day, grandchildren to have a rich Jewish experience and that can more easily be achieved with a strong JCC as the centerpiece of that experience.”

Generations donors Gloria and Harvey Evans

Gloria & Harvey Evans

“It is our dream to have a performing arts center at the J and in Northwest Austin. The Jewish people have always been leaders in the arts and the J’s location could not be more central and fitting.”

Lauren & Seth Halpern

“This is an incredible time to be involved with Shalom Austin given the combination of a rapidly growing community, a new staff senior leadership team for the organization, and the opportunity to dramatically upgrade our already great campus via Generations Campaign.”

Generations donors Steve and Molly Krasoff

Molly & Steve Krasoff

“The Dell Jewish Community Campus is important to our family because it provides one centralized campus to educate, worship, exercise, socialize and pass down the Jewish heritage from generation to generation.”

Generations donors Woskow family

The Woskow Family

“At the Dell Jewish Community Campus we celebrate together, we contemplate, we mourn, we pray and we play. The DJCC is the heart of the Jewish community.”

Barbara Tocker

Barbara Tocker and the Tocker Family

“I just believe in the J. I believe in its mission of helping others and helping families. Being in Austin so long, we’ve seen the J come from these really humble beginnings to fulfill the more basic needs and to what it is today, which is so grand. But there’s no sense in stopping now. We need to just keep adding to it.”

Clifford Zeifman

“The Dell Jewish Community Campus has been central to my family since I have had children. We belong to Agudas, my children have attended ECP, the Austin Jewish Academy, JCC Camps, and JCC extracurricular activities.”

Amy Hyman

Amy Hyman

Development Director