Jewish Family Service (JFS) Counseling, Support & Discussion Groups 

Jewish Family Service is the professional social service and mental health division of the Jewish Community Association of Austin and a beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin Annual Campaign. JFS provides a wide array of mental health and support services to the Jewish community and to the wider Austin community, including counseling and psychotherapy, support groups, case management, emergency financial assistance, and community consultation and education programs. JFS also provides consultation related to the inclusion of people with disabilities in services and programs in the Austin Jewish community. Contact JFS at (512) 250-1043 and by e-mail at

Aging Gracefully in Austin

Arukah, Substance Abuse Recovery Group

Jewish Family Service is pleased to offer this professionally facilitated group for Jewish individuals 18 years of age and over who are currently in recovery and those seeking recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. The group will provide a safe and confidential environment to obtain therapeutic and peer support, and will help build and strengthen the skills needed to manage the daily challenges of recovery. No RSVP is necessary. Please feel free to join if this group could help address a need. For more information, contact Emma Howitt at 512-250-1043 or Room 150C. 6:30-7:30 PM.

Baby Boomers 101

By the year 2030, one -fifth of the U.S. population will be over the age of 65. The Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, are currently one of the largest groups in our country.  With so much to think about as you near retirement age, are you prepared for what lies ahead? This helpful seminar is geared towards all Baby Boomers. With topics ranging from health insurance and social security to housing options and end of life planning, we will cover it all. Please join Jewish Family Service as we tackle these hard topics and provide education, reassurance and resources for assistance. For more information, contact Carlye Levine at (512)-250-1043. Meets in AJA Library.  

Coping Better with Stress

Stress is unavoidable and it's up to us to react in ways that don't end up making a bad situation worse. This personal development workshop will offer creative, scientifically-tested skills for coping through tough times. Don't let life take you by surprise - learn some new ways to cope with those inevitable speed bumps!  For more information, contact Emma Howitt at 512-250-1043 or Meets in AJA Library,Room 226.  

KAVOD: A Support Group for Jewish Adults Caring for Elderly Parents

This professionally facilitated support group focuses on empathy, coping, and problem-solving, while sharing the joys and challenges of caring for aging parents. For more information, contact Carlye Levine at (512)-250-1043 or Meets in Jewish Federation Shared Space.

Improving Relationships

Relationships of all kinds can be challenging to navigate and sometimes we feel lost.  Attend this educational workshop to learn how to avoid common relationship pitfalls and develop positive communication skills. We will teach you about different interpersonal styles, maintaining healthy boundaries and effective ways to nurture your relationships. For more information, contact Emma Howitt at 512-250-1043 or Meets in AJA Library, Room 226.

Living With Loss

Grieving the loss of a loved one can leave you feeling very alone.  Please join Jewish Family Service as we come together to learn more about the grief process, new tools for coping as well as how bereavement and loss are viewed through Jewish traditions.  Please contact group leader before attending. For more information, contact Carlye Levine at 512-250-1043 or Meets in Room 147.  

Maintaining Emotional Wellbeing 

Are you hard on yourself or others? Do you tend to overthink things? This educational development workshop offers the skills to strengthen emotional balance and peace-of-mind. Topics will include increasing self-acceptance, practicing flexible thinking, emotional problem-solving and developing self-care habits. For more information, contact Emma Howitt at 512-250-1043 or Meets in AJA Library, room 226.  

Mindfulness for Daily Living 

Do you feel distracted? Hurried? Preoccupied? This personal development workshop will teach mindfulness techniques that can help participants to be more present and aware in daily life. Mindfulness has the power to improve relationships, increase self-control, boost productivity and can lessen depression and anxiety.  For more information, contact Emma Howitt at 512-250-1043 or Meets in AJA Library, Room 226.  

Wellness with a Disability Support 

Approximately one in five Americans has a disability. This group provides a safe and supportive place for Jewish adults with disabilities to discuss issues of mutual concern, learn from one another and celebrate community. Discussion topics are determined by the group and may include: dealing with the healthcare systems, accessing resources, connecting with the Jewish community and self-care. Enrollment in this group requires a pre-screening with the facilitator. For more information, contact Mary Axelrud at 512-250-1043 or . Meets in Room 150D.