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Jewish National Fund-USA Offers Virtual Water Mission to Israel

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Mar 4, 2021

JNF-USA supports water solutions in Israel. Photo courtesy JNF

By JNF-USA Staff

As thousands of Israel’s supporters in Austin seek to quench their desire to travel to Israel, Jewish National Fund-USA is offering the next best thing – virtual tours to Israel. March 15-18, JNF-USA will take supporters on a behind-the-scenes tour of Israel’s most advanced water management systems and spectacular natural sites while subject matter experts provide unique insights into how Israel became the world leader in water sustainability.

In addition to top level speakers, participants will also hear from researchers, business leaders from various water authorities, and leading Israeli companies from Israel’s multibillion-dollar water tech industry. The virtual tour will also cover geopolitics, hydropolitics and transboundary water management. The visit will also explore Israel’s breathtaking reservoirs and wetlands, as well as desalination plants, water drilling sites and more.

The virtual tour will be chaired by Marc Kelman, Rich Hacker and Gayle Rosenthal, and led by Talia Tzour Avner, JNF Israel emissary.

Virtual H20 Tour Co-Chair and JNF-USA Austin Board Member Gayle Rosenthal lauded Israel’s achievements in the field of water solutions. She said, “Thirty years ago, they said Israel would run out of water by the year 2020. Thanks to JNF-USA, not only have we brought water security to Israel’s 8.8 million residents, we have also helped Israel become the world leader in water technology development. Thanks to Israel, countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are gaining greater access to clean, sustainably sourced water.”

The cost for the weekly tour is $100 per Zoom spot. Participants are welcome to have multiple members of their household join their Zoom square. Each registration includes two hours of touring from Monday to Thursday. Participants will not be asked to make a charitable contribution during the virtual tour. However, participants will be asked to consider a gift to JNF-USA’s important work in Israel following the mission.

To sign up for the tour, visit For more information, contact JNF Israel Emissary Talia Tzour Avner at or (212) 879-9305 x249.

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