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High Holy Day Season Can Bring Positivity Amidst Pandemic

CEO Message, The Jewish Outlook

Aug 24, 2021

Summer has breezed by, and we are now in the midst of the High Holy Day season. The High Holy Days are always a time of reflection and renewal.  When we observed and celebrated the High Holy Days last year, we were living in the throes of the pandemic, and we prayed that our families, friends and community would experience good health, peace and tranquility in the year to come.  

We certainly made progress toward more of a normal life.  As we reached the middle of spring, many children returned to school in person.  Families took vacations, and their children returned to overnight and day camps.  Some returned to their offices while many enjoyed a new normal hybrid work environment. Some of our most isolated, seniors and young adults, began meeting in person again. And while we hoped to be past the pandemic, the potency of the Delta variant reminded us that much work remains. We may have taken one step backward, but over the past year, much progress has been made, thanks to our collective efforts. One of the central themes of the High Holy Day season is our collective responsibility in making a positive impact in the world.  

Many of us are understandably exhausted after what has been an incredibly difficult roller coaster of 18 months and counting. We should fully immerse ourselves in the spirit of this season to remind us that we are not alone and achieve the type of renewal we need to push forward through the challenges of this pandemic. I encourage each of you to seek out a congregational community.  

Wishing each of you and your families a happy, meaningful and healthy 5782.  


Rabbi Daniel A. Septimus

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