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Jun 30, 2022

Shalom Austin Board of Directors 2022-2023 from left to right: Lily Smullen, Julie Franklin, Nancy Zimmerman, Keith Zimmerman, Karen Kogut, Steve Meyers, Brett Merfish, Rick Rosenberg, Kim Lindauer, Lisa Shapiro, Lawrence Maze, Heather Krol, Cara Kelly, Seth Halpern, Phil Loewy, Ilana Nesher, Abby Rapoport. Credit: Dave Hawks

By Allison Teegardin

On May 22, Shalom Austin hosted its first Annual Meeting in the newly renovated Epstein Family Commu­nity Hall / Gloria & Harvey Evans Performance Center, marking yet another huge milestone in the multi-million-dollar Generations Campaign.

How thrilled I am to be able to work with such a smart and strategic board led by Rick Rosenberg. – Shalom Austin CEO Rabbi Daniel A. Septimus

More than 100 community members and stakeholders were present for the meeting where they welcomed new board members (Scott Grossfeld, Cara Kelly, Heather Krol, Kim Lindauer, Lawrence Maze, Brett Merfish, and ex-of­ficio member, Susannah Waite), thanked outgoing board members (Martin Berson, Laura Corman, Jared Lindauer, Courtney Manuel, Lauren Patten, Ian Spechler and ex-of­ficio members, Tami Gamliel and Adam Loewy), learned about financial updates and recognized outstanding community and staff members.

Before the official start of the meeting, guests were treated to an inside look and tour of the new facility updates. Following the tour, Shalom Austin Board Chair Rick Rosenberg recognized the women who formed ATX Kind in response to unprecedented antisemitism in the Austin area over the past year.

The community honored Dr. Lauren Meyers with the Community Service Award for her dedication and service to the Austin Jewish community and Shalom Austin Rapoport Center Administrative Assistant Robyn Burch with the Staff Exemplar Award.

    Michael Burch and Robyn Burch at Shalom Austin's 2022 Annual Meeting                 Dr. Lauren Meyers and Steven Meyers at Shalom Austin's 2022 Annual Meeting

Michael Burch and Robyn Burch Credit: Dave Hawks       Dr. Lauren Meyers and Steven Meyers. Credit: Dave Hawks

This year’s meeting also welcomed featured guest speaker Oshman Family JCC President and CEO Zack Bodner. Bodner hosted a thought-provoking and inspiring talk on “Why Do Jewish? Making Jewish Life Meaningful, Relevant and Joyful in the Next Century.”

“I’ve been to a number of JCCs and this campus is phenomenal,” Bodner said about the Shalom Austin JCC. “Thank you for making me a part of your community.”

As the meeting ended, Rosenberg thanked the audience for joining and being an important part of the community.

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