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Austin-Based Caregiving Service Draws Inspiration from Family Experiences for Their Innovative Home Care Service

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Aug 31, 2023

Home Care and Hospice Month in November Celebrates Individuals Working in Home Health Care and Hospice

Every November people tip their hats to the countless wonderful individuals working in home health care and hospice. These heroes touch lives in profound ways and have inspired innovation in this arena for BubbieCare.

BubbieCare, launched in 2014 by the dynamic trio Lawrence Maze, Bryan Oden, and Christopher Spurgeon, is a new type of caregiving service. It hands the reins over to families, ensuring they have the final say in choosing and directing their caregivers. The feedback has been glowing, not only from the families but also from the caregivers.

Lawrence Maze, one of the co-founders, shared the personal story that fueled this venture. “After my dear mother suffered a stroke, she was determined to recover at home. My family and I encountered various challenges in finding the right care, but it was an eye-opener when we realized that a significant amount of what we paid wasn’t reaching the caregiver. That’s when the light bulb went off. There had to be a more transparent and empowering way for everyone.”

Given Maze’s rich medical background, creating BubbieCare seemed like destiny. In 1983, he pioneered Southwest Medical Concepts, a company that championed wound care, supporting countless clinics and hospitals. Later in 1988, he set another benchmark with the first outpatient behavioral pain rehabilitation clinic in the city of Austin. Austin Pain Therapy, under Maze’s leadership, extended holistic pain care, focusing on both physical and emotional healing.

Maze has spent two decades on the board of a charity that supports the senior community, especially those from low-income backgrounds. His contributions to the Austin Jewish community are commendable. He has been a guiding force on several boards, ensuring that the community thrives and grows.

Like many of the people at BubbieCare, Bryan Oden has centered his entire career around assisting others. Trained as a physical therapist, Oden’s dedication mirrors BubbieCare’s mission. He completed his education in Physical Therapy at Southwest Texas State University in 1996 and started his tenure at St. David’s. Here, Oden refined his skills in inpatient rehabilitation and Occupational Health Services, making him a valuable asset to the community.

Furthermore, his experience with various home health companies means he knows the unique challenges and rewards that come with home caregiving. It’s a perspective that’s invaluable to the BubbieCare platform.

Oden once shared, “BubbieCare empowers families to seamlessly connect with caregivers like us, who are eager to work directly with them based on their unique needs. Whether it’s challenging care needs, companion services, or assistance with daily chores, our platform ensures that every family finds the perfect caregiver tailored to their circumstances.” This perfectly captures the essence of what BubbieCare aims to achieve every day.

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