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The Bar Yadin Family Foundation and Jewish National Fund-USA Bring Texas Students on Spiritual, Educational Journey

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Sep 1, 2020

AMHSI-JNF helps students connect with Israel. Credit: Jewish National Fund 

By Jewish National Fund staff

High school students throughout Texas are embarking on a spiritual and educational journey to connect with their Jewish identities and complete required school criteria through Jewish National Fund-USA’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

Beginning this fall, students will have the opportunity to apply for The Lone Star State AMHSI-JNF Grant, which offers financial grants to students from across the state of Texas to study at Alexander Muss High School in Israel. The grant is made available through generous gifts from the Bar Yadin Family Foundation of San Antonio, the Russell Mollen family of Austin and Chicago, and the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. More than $100,000 in grants per year will be awarded for the next three years.

“When kids go to Israel – whether it’s for a few weeks, months, or a gap year — they are impacted for life,” said Reuben Bar Yadin, whose family immigrated from Cuba to Israel in 1961. “My family and I are passionate Zionists. We want young people to experience Israel beyond a tourist visit – to see the modern-day miracle that it really is. To taste its food, take in its culture and dance to its music.”

AMHSI-JNF allows students to do just that. Students embark on an innovative academic adventure unlike any other, where Israel is transformed into a living classroom. At a time when many students and parents in the United States worry about starting the fall semester in virtual classrooms, a growing number of students are thinking outside the box and screen, instead turning a global pandemic into an invaluable learning opportunity through AMHSI-JNF grants.

AMHSI-JNF’s mission is to promote, build and strengthen bonds between youth and Israel through education and experience. A strong understanding, appreciation and relationship with Israel are vital to developing and fostering Jewish leadership and advocacy in communities worldwide, thereby ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people.

“We are grateful for the partnership and generosity of the Bar Yadin and the Mollen families and the JFSA,” said Reagan Weil, JNF executive director – Southwest. “Investing in our youth and in the future of the Jewish people is one of the fundamental goals of Jewish National Fund-USA’s vision. We know that studying in Israel is a life-changing experience and we hope to make that a more accessible opportunity to students from Texas.”

The Bar Yadin family proudly and passionately invests in Israel and children, as well as their local Jewish community. They recently visited Israel on a family trip with Jewish National Fund-USA.

“What I knew about JNF was that they planted trees; now I know so much more and I am very impressed with JNF’s work,” said Bar-Yadin. “On our trip to Israel we had an idea to do something special in memory of my late father. The idea of paying tribute to him by investing in children and their education is very fulfilling.”

For more information on how to apply for the Lone Star Grant, contact Galit Birk, Israel Programs admissions director, Texas, at or 214-433-6600, extension 944. ■

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