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Kim’s Gym Welcomes New Owner

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Aug 24, 2021

By Wendy Goodman

Jess Reger becomes new owner of Kim’s Gym. Photo courtesy of Jess Reger.

Nearly 20 years ago, Jewish community member and former gymnast Kim Lindauer started Kim’s Gym, an exemplary children’s gymnastics program exclusively held at the Shalom Austin JCC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other life transitions, Lindauer sold Kim’s Gym in 2021 to a former competitive gymnast and Kim’s Gym staff member, Jess Reger. 

Keeping its same name and location at the JCC, Reger will relaunch the Kim’s Gym program in fall 2021 with in-person classes for children of any skill level from ages 18 months to 13 years. Classes are open to JCC members and non-members. 

Since March 2020, Kim’s Gym had suspended its classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the gymnastics program reopens in the fall, it will follow Shalom Austin’s COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Reger has participated in the field of gymnastics for most of her life, including three years as a staff member at Kim’s Gym from 2012-2015. She was a competitive gymnast for ten years in New Jersey as well as a competitive and collegiate cheerleader. Reger has coached gymnastics, coordinated camps, directed teams and managed multiple gyms in both Florida and Texas.  

As a former Kim’s Gym coach, Reger is inspired by her experiences with the community in Austin and is motivated to continue the program that Lindauer started at the JCC. 

Reger said, “It has always been a dream of mine to own a gym and to be able to take on this legacy that Kim has built. Being a part of the Kim’s Gym family was always a huge part of my career and a steppingstone that brought me to where I am now. Not only my love of the sport, but the Kim’s Gym community, is what made my decision all that much easier.”

Reger shared her excitement about being part of the JCC. “I absolutely love that it has been 19 years of this partnership with the JCC. Both sides have trusted each other for so long. That’s hard to find, and that’s what makes me know that this is truly a family that is looking out for each other. I’m excited to keep this relationship going.” 

Reger will oversee Kim’s Gym using the same mission, philosophy and methods of the previous owner. “Kim’s Gym is recreational and has always been about teaching kids the sport. The things you can learn from gymnastics—from listening to your coach and following in a group to balance and strength—can help children grow so much and in many ways,” Reger said. 

Lindauer plans to continue her career as a business and executive coach through her new company My Venn Life. “It feels like a natural progression from building up the whole child, to building up the whole human and supporting others in their leadership journey.”  

“While I know how deeply I will miss all of you and your children, it is time that I pass the torch. I have sold Kim’s Gym to an incredible and energetic woman, Jess Reger, who is thrilled beyond belief to carry on the culture, love, and legacy of Kim’s Gym,” said Lindauer. 

Shalom Austin JCC Athletics & Fitness Director Jen Reed manages the partnership with Kim’s Gym and shared her comments about the transition, saying, “We will miss Kim immensely, but we know she is moving on to other great things and leaving her legacy of a wonderful gymnastics program here at the J. We are excited to welcome Jess as the new owner of Kim’s Gym. She is energetic, dynamic, kind and perfect for the role. We are all cheering her on and ready to get started.” 

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