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Thank you for your interest in the Zeifman Family Early Childhood Program. We look forward to providing an opportunity for your child to learn and grow with us here on the Dell Jewish Community Campus in Northwest Austin.

Shalom from the ECP Director!

Welcome to the Zeifman Family Early Childhood Program (ECP). The ECP is a warm, friendly school where infants through young children receive an exciting, creative, and nurturing foundation to grow academically, socially and spiritually. We offer excellent teacher to student ratios, a professional and caring staff of early childhood teachers and a wonderful facility that offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for children to enjoy and explore.

The ECP sees each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care. Children are provided with many experiences to inspire them to learn about the world around them. Our skilled teachers know when to actively supervise and when to inconspicuously watch and provide warm guidance as they lovingly encourage your child to broaden their horizons. Emphasis is placed on encouraging each child’s innate inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge.

We believe each child learns best in an environment that is rich with hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to use their senses to explore, experiment and use their imagination to the fullest. Each day our children are builders, chefs, scientists, dancers, musicians, artists and friends. We emphasize fun and meaningful Judaic experiences, where children celebrate Jewish holidays, honor Shabbat, and learn good human values as they participate in performing good deeds and community projects.

Preschool is a time for children and their families to strengthen their connection to others and build community. In partnering with our families, our goal is to provide our students with a strong academic and social foundation that encourages a life-long love of learning, and to help children and their families form friendships that last a lifetime.

We are delighted that you are part of our Shalom Austin ECP family. We look forward to a working together and watching your child blossom.

How To Enroll

For all registration and enrollment questions, please contact
Admissions & Enrollment Manager John Allison at or call us at (512) 735-8104.
We’d be happy to show you around our facilities to see where your children will learn and play!


Our school is an integral part of the larger Shalom Austin community comprised of the Jewish Community Center (JCC), Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Service (JFS), and Jewish Foundation. Shalom Austin enhances the quality of Jewish life in the greater Austin area and around the world through philanthropy, education, social service, culture, spirituality and total wellness. The ECP receives substantial support from Shalom Austin, including but not limited to facilities and administration, funded in large part by the Annual Campaign.

Welcome to the J!

We’re excited to welcome you to our Early Childhood Program. As a member of the Jewish Community Center, you’ll also have access to our fitness center, gymnasium, heated pool, hiking/jogging trails, sports fields, picnic areas, community garden, and arts and culture events. Plus, you’ll enjoy member discounts on all of our after-school classes, programs, and events. When you join, you’ll receive parking permits for quick and easy access to the Dell Jewish Community Campus through our 24-hour security as well as a keycard to access the Sports & Fitness complex. Can’t wait to see you at the J!

Membership Options

The Early Childhood Program is part of the Jewish Community Center and all families must have a JCC Family Membership to enroll.

No spot available? Many people choose to start their JCC Family Membership while they are on the ECP waiting list to give their child priority and to enjoy our amenities and member discounts while they wait for a spot to open. You can learn more about the J hereAnother option is our ECP Affiliate Membership, for $360 a year, which also gives your child priority, but does not grant you access to the Sports & Fitness complex. ECP Affiliate families are welcome at ECP-sponsored events while they are on the waiting list. Once your family is officially offered a spot in the ECP, you MUST immediately become JCC Family Members. To sign up for an ECP Affiliate Membership, email John Allison at


The ECP is known for its excellence, and that’s why classes typically fill up fast. We maintain a waiting list to fill available spaces after staff and siblings have a chance to register for the program, and as space opens throughout the year.

How it Works

To place a child on the waiting list (including siblings of current ECP students), parents must submit an application here and pay a one-time $49 waitlist fee. At this time, families must choose to either become Shalom Austin family members or ECP Affiliates. The child will be placed on the list once the form is complete and the family’s JCC or ECP Affiliate membership is confirmed.

After your application has been accepted, you will remain on the waiting list until you are either offered a spot in the ECP, you request in writing to be removed, or any of the conditions occur as mentioned below.

Waiting List Prioritization

The waiting list is prioritized by date received and as follows:

1. Children of Shalom Austin Employees.
2. Siblings of currently enrolled students or graduated students who have maintained their JCC membership.
3. Children from Jewish families who are either ECP Affiliates or JCC members.
4. Children from non-Jewish families who are ECP Affiliates or Shalom Austin members.


How Spots are Offered

The Zeifman Family Early Childhood Program staff will begin contacting waiting list parents in order of priority based on availability and the selections made on applications (ex. full-time/part-time, preferred start date, etc.).

Parents have two business days to accept an enrollment opening. If the family is currently an ECP Affiliate member, they must immediately switch to a JCC Family Membership to accept the offered slot. Families who contact the ECP to refuse the spot may remain on the waiting list, but will be removed after the second refusal.

Unreachable Families / Unreturned calls

If the family cannot be reached at the last telephone number given by the parents or does not notify the ECP of their decision, the ECP will consider that a refusal, and begin contacting subsequent families on the waiting list. Furthermore, if the ECP does not hear from parents within 3 weeks, the ECP will remove the child from the waiting list.


Families who contact the ECP to refuse a spot may remain on the waiting list, but will be removed after the second refusal.

If you would like to be considered for a future opening, you must reapply for the waiting list here, pay the $49 fee, and maintain your JCC Family Membership or ECP Affiliate Membership.


If a space is offered to a family within the time period specified by the family on the waiting list application, and the family is not yet ready to send a child because of age or personal reasons, that family may elect to accept the position and pay tuition to keep the space available until the child is ready to begin attending regularly. The family must maintain a JCC Family Membership during this time.

A space held in this manner may not be used for “drop-in” care or “sublet” to another family. In addition, all extended care options are not available to the child until they are attending the core program regularly.


Each year children on the current waiting list will remain on the list and will be placed in the next age-appropriate list based on the child’s birth date as of September 1 of the current school year. Parents will only be removed from the waiting list if the ECP is notified in writing or via email. The resulting annual waiting list will be used to fill any spaces that remain after registration is completed.



The academic school year is now year round at the Zeifman Family Early Childhood Program for the infant room through Pre-K. Winter and Holiday Packages may be purchased separately.

ECP Billing

Tuition is calculated automatically during the online registration process and will be divided into the appropriate number of payments based upon parental choice. Many parents choose a 12-month payment plan that begins on August 1st of each calendar year; however, parents may also choose to pay the annual tuition in one payment at the time of registration or on August 1st of each calendar year. The infant through 3s group is a 12 month-month program, while the Pre-K group is a 10-month program. For questions or information regarding billing, please contact Janet Schreffler at (512) 735-8062 or For tuition questions, please contact the ECP Front Office at (512) 735-8100.

Please note that tuition received or credited to your account after the third of the month is subject to a $35 late fee that will be added to your tuition balance. After the tenth of the month, an additional $35 late fee will be applied. Returned checks will result in a charge of $25 plus any applicable bank fees.

JCC Membership Billing

You may set up payments for your JCC Family Membership here. All ECP families must have a JCC Family Membership to attend the ECP. When graduating or if you must leave the ECP and cancel your membership for any reason, please note that you must give a 60-day notice to the Membership Department at prior to the next billing date. Also, per JCC Membership policies, your Family Membership will be automatically dropped for non-payment if payment lapses for more than 60 days, which means your child will also lose their spot at the ECP. For more information on billing, please feel free to contact the Membership Operations Coordinator Miriam Mosher at (512) 735-8026 or

John Allison

John Allison

Admissions & Enrollment Manager