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Join us for weekly Shabbat song sessions, fun at-home activities, and a whole lot more!


Online Song Sessions

Join the Early Childhood Program every Friday at 10 a.m. for Tot Shabbat and JCamps every Friday at 3 p.m. to celebrate Shabbat with friends.

Fun Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do with your kids for Shabbat.

Bake Your Own Challah

Shabbat "Candles"

Toilet paper holders make great candles! Let your kids decorate a pair with paint and put yellow, red, and/or orange tissue paper in one end to work as flames.

Havdalah Craft

Looking for a fun project to do this weekend? Why not make your own Havdalah candles out of your old Hanukkah candles? It’s easy! Just soak the candles in hot water (but not too hot!) and braid.


Creation Scavenger Hunt

The PJ Library’s outdoor scavenger hunt is inspired by the story of creation in the Torah.

Day 1: Dark and Light

Stand or sit in a shady place. How does it feel? Now find a sunny place. How does it feel?

Day 2: Sky

Can you find clouds in shapes that look like something else? Describe the color of the sky. What else can you think of that’s the same color?

Day 3: Lands, Sea, Plants, and Trees

Try to find a plant or tree: with flowers, with leaves larger than your hand, that smells good, that makes you smile, that’s soft, that’s prickly.

Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars

Can you see the moon? Describe its shape. Gather some natural materials and make a model of the sun, the moon, or a star.

Day 5: Creatures in the Water & Sky

Can you hear any birds? Try to imitate the sound they make.

Pretend to be a creature that lives in the water or sky. Can someone guess what you are?

Day 6: Animals, Creepy Crawly Things, and Humans

Try to find: signs an animal has been there, signs a human has been there, a bug or worm

Day 7: Shabbat

Find something “very good” and ENJOY IT! Relax somewhere beautiful.

We R Family: Pen Pal Program

Partnership2Gether Western Galilee invites you to connect with families across the ocean. Now, more than ever, our solidarity and connection with each other and the Partnership family, are vital.

Each participating family will be paired with a partner family.

For more information, email Michelle Korin.
To sign up, click here.

 LEGO Challenge

Build something new every day. Then share it with us on Shalom Families!

Day 1: Have a pizza party and build a pizza with your favorite toppings.

Day 2: Build your favorite movie character.

Day 3: Be an inventor and create your own invention.

Day 4: Build your favorite vacation place. Where would you like to be right now?

Day 5: Think of the day of rest. What’s your favorite thing about Shabbat?

Shalom Families

We offer even more parenting programs and opportunities, both online and safely in-person.

Dana Baruch

Dana Baruch

ECP Director