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Our aquatics team has some great safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe in and around water.
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Reach or Throw, Don’t Go

As the weather gets warmer, lots of people will be spending time in their pools. The Dell JCC aquatics team joins us with some tips to keep you and your family safe in the water.

Home Water Safety

In your house or in your yard, watch for water and be on guard. Home water safety is just as important as pool safety. Find out what you can do to make your home water safety ready.

Too Much Sun is No Fun

When the weather is beautiful, we spend lots of time outdoors! Our aquatics team shows us why too much sun is no fun, and how to pick the sunscreen that’s right for you and your kiddos.

Be Cool, Follow the Rules

Every public pool should have rules posted. The Dell JCC aquatics team shows us some common ones, so you can be cool and follow the rules!

Don’t Just Pack It, Wear a Jacket

Our aquatics team gives us the rundown on what you need to know about lifejackets, whether you’re using them at the lake or the pool.


Floats and Rollovers

A former Dell JCC Aquatics Manager, Heather Brands teaches us the basics of water safety — floating and rolling over.


Once your child can float, it’s time to start working on the front crawl. Our aquatics manager Heather Brands shows us what the stroke has in common with an ice cream scoop and other great tips on how to teach your kids.

Elementary Backstroke

From back floats to elementary backstroke. A former aquatics team member, Heather Brands, teaches kids how to monkey around and how to blast off like a rocket!

Water Competency Test

Once you or your child learn to swim, how do you know you’re truly prepared? We’ll break down the American Red Cross Water Competency Test, and what you need to know to be safe in the water.


Ready to dive into summer? Our aquatics team shows us how! Remember to always practice in at least 9 ft of water with supervision.

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Marcus Litz

Marcus Litz

Aquatics Assistant Director