Women's Philanthropy Cabinet | Shalom Austin



We are change-makers and community-shapers. We educate, empower, and engage all women of all generations to strengthen and serve our community. 


This coordinating body is comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to provide meaningful opportunities for Austin’s Jewish women.

Jill Graham
Frances Meltzer

Advisory Council
Jennifer Failla Hoffman
Pam Frager
Jennifer Greenblum
Karen Kogut
Nora Lieberman
Phil Loewy
Suzanne Newberg
Marianne Rochelle
Debbie Rudy
Kim Schocket
Randi Shade
Toby Shor
Margo Smith
Tracy Solomon
Robyn Sperling
Lecia Sud
Susan Zane

Lion of Judah Co-Chairs
Katie Dochen
Patti Sokol

Pomegranate Society Co-Chairs
Stephanie Saur
Lynne Stein

Dignity Grows Co-Chairs
Heilla Lain
Julie Waltzer


Leadership Development Co-Chairs
Robin Davis
Lauren Halpern

Communications Co-Chairs
Lainie Polland
Allie Willensky

Communications Subcommittee
Debi Cohen
Lauren Hamer
Amanda Marks

Social Programming Co-Chairs
Beth Danziger
Jocelyn Fary-Holzwarth

Volunteer Activities Co-Chairs
Stefanie Cousins
Elise Su

Nominations Chair
Julie Franklin

Legacy Giving Chair
Marianne Rochelle

Mosaic Co-Chairs
Vicki Osherow
Julie Waltzer



Lion of Judah Stewards
Judith Berkowitz
Becca Brocato
Susie Brodsky
Mae Daniller
Patti Davis
Jennifer Kaufman
Cara Kelly
Alyssa Korn
Heilla Lain
Mae Levitan
Suzanne Newberg
Carli Price
Jill Raff
Elyse Rosenberg
Nancy Zimmerman

Pomegranate Society Stewards
Coco Carl
Lindsey Durnil
Helen Gilbert
Ashley King
Amy Martasin
Janet Marz
Jennifer Melrose
Tami Newman
Laura Perlman
Mara Pressman
Sharon Rutman
Beth Sher
Judy Sorin
Lorena Waxman


Book Lovers Co-Chairs
Corrie MacLaggan
Dana Shapiro Spaeth

Ladies Night Out Chair
Jacquelyn Einaugler

Wine Down Chair
Suzanne Sloan

L’dor V’dor Ladies Chair
Amanda Septimus

Holiday Experiences Co-Chairs
Yael Glazer
Rachel Levy
Emilie Rosenfeld

National Women’s Philanthropy (NWP) Board Members
Jennifer Failla Hoffman
Val Newberg
Marianne Rochelle
Kim Schocket
Toby Shor
Debbi Weinberg

National Young Leadership Cabinet
Jewel Sud Gaister

Shana Creeger

Shana Creeger

Development Director