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Join other like-minded women who are building and supporting Jewish life for today and future generations. Giving Societies are for women who want to deepen their involvement by making a gift to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign.

Lion of Judah Division

Women contributing $5,000 and above in their own names to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign

The Lion of Judah Division was established in Miami in 1972 to recognize a new level of commitment set forth by a cadre of activists. These women knew that to shape the future, they would have to contribute accordingly. What began with 16 women now extends to over 13,000 such women throughout North America.

The Lion of Judah pin is a symbol of sisterhood and connectedness, of leadership and power. It provides a benchmark for women to continue to advance into new spheres of giving as they achieve greater economic success, and it allows women to take active roles in securing their Jewish future, forging new opportunities for creative philanthropic giving.

Pomegranate Society

Women contributing $1,800 to $4,999 in their own names to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign

The Pomegranate Society was launched in Austin in 2002. Its significance stems from Jewish tradition, the pomegranate has 613 seeds within each fruit, equal to the number of mitzvot (commandments) given to us by G-d. The pomegranate is one of the oldest symbols found in Jewish art and ritual.

The Pomegranate pin is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to honor the mitzvot of tzedekah and gemilut chassidim (acts of righteousness and acts of loving kindness). It shows dedication to taking care of our community and infusing action into the giving process.

Shana Creeger

Shana Creeger

Development Director