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For women who want to deepen their involvement by making a gift to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign.

Women contributing $5,000 and above in their own names to the Shalom Austin Annual Campaign

The Lion of Judah Division was established in Miami in 1972 to recognize a new level of commitment set forth by a cadre of activists. These women knew that to shape the future, they would have to contribute accordingly. What began with 16 women now extends to over 13,000 such women throughout North America.

The Lion of Judah pin is a symbol of sisterhood and connectedness, of leadership and power. It provides a benchmark for women to continue to advance into new spheres of giving as they achieve greater economic success, and it allows women to take active roles in securing their Jewish future, forging new opportunities for creative philanthropic giving.


Lion of Judah 2021-2022 Co-Chairs

Suzanne Newberg & Marianne Rochelle

Lion of Judah Stewardship Committee

Cara Kelly, Karen Kogut, Heilla Lain, Frances Meltzer,
Stephanie Miller, Patti Sokol, Julie Waltzer, Nancy Zimmerman


Women who donate $5,000+ to the Annual Campaign  

Forever Lions Update

We have 16 Forever Lions*

Women who have endowed their Annual Campaign gift in perpetuity. 

For more information on Forever Lions and creating a personal legacy for generations to come,
contact Senior Development Director, Amy Hyman, at amy.hyman@shalomaustin.org.

Paula Aaronson
Laura Abramowitz
Susan Armstrong
Barbara Barron 
Donna Berber
Judith Berkowitz
Beverly Bernard
Steffi Bierig
Emily Bray
Becca Brocato
Allison Chase
Geri Cohen
Cheryl Cook
Laura Corman
Mae Daniller
Beth Danziger
Patricia Davis
Robin Davis
Carol Dochen*
Linda Druss
Gloria Evans
Jennifer Failla Hoffman*
Shantel Ferdman
Kelly Finkel
Holly Firestone
Pam Frager
Sandra Freed*
Lori Freedman
Laurie Garber*
Lynne Gellman
Cooky Goldblatt
Candy Goldstein
Christina Gorczynski
Lisa Gottesman
Diana Greenberg

Jennifer Greenblum
Molly Grill
Lauren Halpern
Carolyn Haney
Miriam Hanson
Sharon Herman
Treva Horwitz
Debra Hurt
Neena Husid
Laura Hyman
Clariette Joseph
Carol Kadison
Karen Kahan*
Andrea Koplowitz Kahn
Lonnie Karotkin Taub
Jennifer Kaufman
Lisa Kaufman
Cara Kelly
Amy Kline
Beverly Kogut
Karen Kogut
Alyssa Korn
Aileen Krassner
Rochelle Kraus
Sharon Krumholz
Heilla Lain
Cynthia Levinson
Mae Levitan
Marcia Levy
Melanie Lewis
Nora Lieberman
Phil Loewy*
Susan Lubin
Cindy Lufschanowski
Courtney Manuel

Amanda Marks
Arlene Maze
Beth McDaniel*
Frances Meltzer
Brett Merfish
Meryl Metni
Lauren Meyers
Stacy Middleman
Hillary Miller
Stephanie Miller
Terry Milman
Diane Nason
Elizabeth Nelson
Suzanne Newberg
Val Newberg*
Janet Newman
Vicki Osherow
Kathy Papermaster
Sharon Parker
Laura Pastor
Debra Patt
Janice Pierce
Carli Price
Elana Priesman
Diane Radin
Jill Raff
Marcia Raff
Abby Rapoport*
Michelle Reichenberg
Elizabeth Richardson
Marianne Rochelle*
Betsy Rosenberg Zimmerman
Elyse Rosenberg
Ellen Rozman
Amy Rudy

Debbie Rudy
Lily Saad
Roni Saad
Anita Sadun
Susan Sager
Helen Salmanson
Kim Schocket*
Amanda Septimus
Lisa Shapiro
Nancy Shapiro*
Toby Shor*
Carol Silverberg
Marcia Silverberg
Margo Smith
Lily Smullen
Liza Soklove
Patti Sokol
Tracy Solomon
Robyn Sperling
Shari Stein
Allison Steinberg
Beth Steinberg
Jewel Sud
Lecia Sud*
Lori Suissa
Joan Swartz
Julie Waltzer
Judy Waxman z”l *
Suzanne Winkelman
Terry Woskow
Monica Yaniv
Courtney Young
Susan Zane Epstein*
Cindy Zimmerman
Nancy Zimmerman

As of 10/8/2021

It’s Not Too Late to Make Your Gift!

All gifts of any size make a difference.

Arielle Levy

Arielle Levy

Women's Philanthropy and Volunteer Director