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Get to know the women of Women’s Philanthropy as they share their personality, passion and purpose for being involved and connected to our wonderful community. Throughout the year, different women are highlighted as active participants of Women’s Philanthropy who make a difference every day in their own way for Jewish Austin.


Julie Waltzer & Heilla Lain

Julie Waltzer and Heilla Lain are chairing the Dignity Grows committee this year. After a successful pack on January 1st, we thought you should get to know them! 

Julie Waltzer & Heilla Lain

How long have you been in Austin?
JW: I’ve lived in Austin since March 2011. 
HL: We moved here in 2006.

What is your favorite activity to do in Austin?
JW: I love walking Lady Bird Lake.
HL: Like Julie, I love walking around Town Lake with my dogs and a friend.

How did you get involved in Women’s Philanthropy?
JW: I was invited by friends to help make seder plates for the Adults 60+ Passover luncheon. After that, I was hooked!
HL: A friend invited me to Fall Fusion a million years ago and that event inspired me to join Women’s Philanthropy and make a positive impact on this community.

What is your favorite part of being involved with Women’s Philanthropy and what message would you like to share with other women?
JW: I love being involved with Women’s Philanthropy because the power of women is so special. From the programs to the volunteer opportunities and meaningful friendships – there is something for everyone.
HL: The collective impact we have as a group is the thing that keeps me coming back year after year. We are making our community stronger, improving the lives of women and deepening our connections to each other through service.

How did you get interested in Dignity Grows and what are your goals for the next year?
JW: Dignity Grows is a national program that we are proud to bring to our Austin community. Next year, we hope to have many more packs and to be able to support many more hygiene needs of those in Austin.
HL: Improving the lives of women is an important value I hold and one I share with my college-age daughter. I love that Dignity Grows makes feminine hygiene and personal care products available for free through simple fundraising to women in need in the greater Austin community. Our goal is to inspire more groups (book clubs, college groups, B’nai Mitzvah projects etc.) to hold fundraisers and packs with our support.

What’s your favorite Jewish memory?
JW: My favorite Jewish memory is spending Shabbat at summer camp. There is nothing like it.
HL: Making Ozne Haman with my ima every Purim and each and every moment I spent in Israel.

What’s one word that describes our Jewish community?
JW: Active and Inclusive (I know that’s two)!
HL: Inclusive!

What’s your perfect day?
JW: My perfect day can be a lot of different things but spending time with family and friends is the first thing that comes to mind.
HL: A nice cup of coffee, a long walk with the dogs, some form of movement (pilates, yoga — outdoors even better) and a lovely meal with my husband and kids. And having all this happen while away on vacation (especially in the mountains) would only make it better.

Shana Creeger

Shana Creeger

Development Director