It’s Not Just the Weather Setting Records this Summer: JCamps Is Hot! | Shalom Austin

It’s Not Just the Weather Setting Records this Summer: JCamps Is Hot!

JCC, The Jewish Outlook

Jun 30, 2022

One of the hundreds of campers making memories at JCamps. Credit: Dave Hawks

By Ethan Lane-Miller

On June 7, Shalom Austin JCamps kicked off the 2022 summer camp season at the Shalom Austin Jewish Community Center. By the end of the summer, JCamps will welcome more than 730 campers, setting an all-time Shalom Austin record for camper registration. The newly opened facilities which are part of the Genera­tions capital campaign, are credited with increased demand.

The brand-new tennis courts at the Hurt Family Tennis Center have had a major impact on JCamps programs. This summer, for the first time ever, there is a tennis camp program. This program proved to be incredibly popular, and currently has a wait list. Additionally, the newly designed and expanded Rochelle and Stanley Ferdman Family Aquatic Center has been a big draw to new and returning families alike. Many parents reached out to confirm that the aquatics center would be open in time for camp. JCamps staff says that the first day of camp is always special, but this year it was exceptionally memorable seeing the campers react to the new and expanded facilities. It’s very much a highlight of their summer experience.

JCamps Values Star of DavidJCamps is focused on six values mirroring the six points of the Star of David, the values are perseverance, confidence, integrity, creativity, friend­ship, and compassion. Beyond the words themselves, each value is present in some way, every day at camp.

The main JCamps sessions are two weeks long, embodying the value of perseverance. JCamps staff is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where campers can enhance a skill or learn a brand new one, building confidence. In keeping with the value of integrity, JCamp staff is proud in how others are treated while there. Creativity is woven throughout all camp activities and campers are encour­aged to think outside of the box from crafts to games. It’s been said that “camp friends are best friends.” Friendships that are formed over the summer often go on to last a lifetime. Finally, compassion. At JCamps, the focus is on having fun, learning a new game, or growing a new skill and being kind to all who are there.

The six values of JCamps are for the benefit of everyone. The Austin commu­nity is large and JCamps celebrates the diversity of the individuals there, Jewish and non-Jewish.

For details about registration for Last Blast JCamps sessions in August, visit

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