J Adult Basketball Leagues

Monday: $675 per team   |   Games 4/15 - 6/24   |   PLAY OFFS 7/1 -7/8
Tuesday: $675 per Team   |   Games 4/16 - 6/18 |   PLAY OFFS 6/25 - 7/02

SUMMER 2019 Registration Open
Monday: $675 per team   |   Games 7/22 - 9/23   |   PLAY OFFS 10/07
Tuesday: $675 per Team   |   Games 7/23 - 9/17   |   PLAY OFFS 9/24

FALL 2019 Registration opens August 11
Monday: $600 per team   |   Games 10/28 - 1/06  |  NO PLAY OFFS
Tuesday: $600 per Team |  Games 10/29 - 1/07  |  NO PLAY OFFS


Recreational Adult Basketball 5 v 5  (Ages 18+)

This JCC league is designed for the basketball enthusiasts who just love to play basketball and have fun. Join as a team of 8 or as a free agent to be placed on open teams. 

Open Adult Basketball 5 v 5 (Ages 18+)

JCC Austin’s more competitive league is guaranteed to provide excitement and camaraderie. In this up-tempo league, be prepared to see behind-the-back passes and reverse lay-ups. 

For more information, contact Jen Reed at 512-735-8206 or jen.reed@shalomaustin.org

Team Fees:

$675 per team up to 8 players.
$75/ each additonal player
Free Agent: Contact jen.reed@shalomaustin.org.

Forfeits: Captains MUST notify the JCC  welcome desk (512) 735-8000 AND email Jen Reed at jen.reed@shalomaustin.org as soon as possible if their team is forfeiting. Failure to communicate by both email AND phone at least one hour before game time will result in a $25 fine, which must be paid BEFORE game time the next week. Teams will continue to play their regular schedule, however, if the fine is not paid in full by the Wednesday before playoffs, the team will not be eligible for playoffs.

*Please use the SubMe App and contact free agents before choosing to forfeit.


Winter 2019

Legends of the Fobb:
Recreational Champions
Used To Be Good:
Competitive Champions

Standings and Schedule (Team Captain external resource page.) Stay tuned for new web link.

Adult Pick-Up Basketball


Ages 18 & Up
Sundays: 8-11 AM

Ages 35 & Up
Wednesdays: 8-9:50 PM

Please contact Jen Reed at 512-735-8206 for more information.

Membership to the Jewish Community Center is open to all.  The JCC welcomes and respects people of all ages, fitness levels, interests, backgrounds and religions.