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A boy practices gymnastics during a private lesson.

Gymastics | Cheer | Tumbling

We’re back in the gym! See our full list of classes below.
Kim’s Gym, proud partner of Shalom Austin, was started by Kim Lindauer in March of 2002 based on the philosophy that all children, no matter what skill level, should have an opportunity to excel in gymnastics without having to give up their childhood. Kim’s Gym is dedicated to creating a fun, upbeat, safe environment which in turn helps the kids improve and succeed.

At Kim’s Gym, we are more than just gymnastics. We are working to have a lasting influence that teaches kids to be caring, thoughtful, kind, and giving. There are multiple aspects of our community outreach program, Kim’s Gym Cares.


Kims Gym Waddlers

Waddlers (I & II)

(Ages 1-3)
See first hand your child’s coordination and self-esteem emerge during this special time of discovery for child as well as parent.  Every day of fun includes ribbon wands, stretching, songs, games, parachute, and exciting lesson plans. Watch your child learn to hang, jump, roll, balance and more.

Kims Gym Preschool

Tumbling Two’s

(Ages 2)
Our Tumbling Two’s will work on beginning tumbling and mini-trampoline skills along with fun games, props, and imaginative play designed to enhance coordination and motor skill development.

Kims Gym School Aged

Tiny Tumblers

(Ages 3-5)
From making waves with the parachute to learning new skills with a group of friends, this fun time includes an introduction to a variety of colorful and exciting pre-school equipment as well as some of the “big kids” equipment.  Basic skills are broken down into age appropriate lessons, so that your child is guaranteed success! It’s fun, positive, and full of creative surprises.


Kims Gym

Gym Stars

(Grades K-5)
This action packed class for the beginner and intermediate gymnast covers vault, bars, beam, floor, and air trak,  plus fun extras like creative routines on the equipment, parachute, and more. Our lesson plans change every two weeks so that your child is guaranteed to learn all that he/she can.  Your kid will have a blast mastering the basics and learning new skills!

Kims Gym Cheer


(Grades K-5)
In Cheer Tumble classes students are instructed in jumps, stunts, cheers, chants, choreographed dances, tumbling, and tons of fun spirit activities. There are no try-outs and no experience necessary.

Kims Gym Tumbling


(Grades 1-8)

Get ready to TUMBLE! Fundamentals of Tumbling will work on mastering the following skills: handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and back walkovers.

Back-handsprings and Beyond is for gymnasts who have mastered their handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and back-walkovers. These students will be working on the following skills: back-handsprings, round-off back-handsprings, standing back-tucks, and above.


Tiger Team

(Ages 6+)
This team is for our gymnasts who can already do a cartwheel and handstand on the floor, and are comfortable on the beam.  These intermediate and advanced students will work at an accelerated rate to reach their full potential as gymnasts. Tiger Team will perform several times throughout the year at carnivals, sporting events, and retirement homes.

Select Team

(Ages 6+)
This mid-level team is for our gymnasts that have mastered their backbend kick over, round-off, and split handstand on the beam. With advanced workouts twice a week, these kids are going to soar!  Select Team members will perform several times for the community, and receive all of the wonderful extras that make being part of a team so enriching. Each year brings choreographed routines, goal setting, community service, team spirit, and friendship, making it an experience to remember.


Elite Team

(Ages 6+)
This team is for advanced gymnasts who have already mastered their back handspring on the floor.  This team will work out twice a week and will focus on challenging and advanced skills.  Students will perform several times for the community, and receive all of the wonderful extras that make being part of a team so enriching. This is an invitation team only.  If you would like your child to be evaluated, please contact

Brooks Weaver

Brooks Weaver

Athletics Director