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Matthew Cole

Sports Training

Improve your performance and resiliency in the activities you participate in by using different styles of resistance training to increase power, strength, mobility, and stability. Move with intention and mind your technique while following the path of greater strength and performance. Using periodized programming, workouts gradually increase in intensity over time to safely produce the physical adaptations you are set to achieve.

TRAINING TIP: “Always listen to your body. If it’s telling you something is wrong, then it probably is.”


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • 6+ Years’ Experience of Competitive Swimming
  • Sprint Swimming
  • D3 College Swimming
  • Top 10 Finisher at USA Swimming Futures Meet
  • NCAA Nationals Meet Qualifier
  • Longhorn Aquatic Masters Team at UT


“Doesn’t matter what you’re doing in the gym, you should be having fun with it. Find a physical activity you enjoy doing and keep grinding.”

Favorite Exercise: Weighted Pullups

“Even after my low back injury I’ve been able to continue lifting heavy with this exercise.”
Robbin Tran

Robbin Tran

Fitness and Wellness Director