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We provide customized training plans to fit your body & lifestyle.


Personal trainer Chelsea Hanson lifts weights with her arms outside in a grass field.

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30-Minutes | Register Now

  • 1 Sesssion – $45
  • 5 Sessions – $205
  • 10 Sessions – $390
  • 20 Sessions – $720

60-Minutes | Register Now

  • 1 Sesssion – $82
  • 5 Sessions – $365
  • 10 Sessions – $700
  • 20 Sessions – $1,340


Buddy Training

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30 Minutes | Register Here

  • 1 Session – $25
  • 5 Sessions – $115
  • 10 Sessions – $210
  • 20 Sessions – $400

60 Minutes | Register Here

  • 1 Session – $47
  • 5 Sessions – $220
  • 10 Sessions – $410
  • 20 Sessions – $740


EQUIPMENT Orientation

Before registering, complete an intake form.

30-60 Minutes | Register Here

A fitness orientation is a complimentary information session typically 30- to 60-minutes in duration providing the basics of how to use the weight machines and cardio equipment.

InBody Body Composition Analysis

15-30 Minutes | Register Here

Monitoring changes with a simple weight scale or Body Mass Index provides limited ability to accurately track changes as they only highlight changes in weight and thus fail to encompass progress in muscle gain or fat loss. To support ongoing success through physical activity, understanding body composition with InBody is key.

In less than 45 seconds, the InBody 570 Test provides personal trainers with easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate a your body composition:

  • Assess muscle distribution and target areas weakened by injury.
  • Identify muscle and fat imbalances in each segment of the body.
  • Monitor changes to determine efficacy of an exercise program and diet plans to ensure long-term success.
Teen Certification

The Teen Fitness Certification Program enables teens to use our facility safely and gain confidence in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The program is 5-days in total, 4-days with a Trainer, and 1-day with a Nutritionist for 60-minutes each. The curriculum includes:

1) Orientation and Facility Tour
2) Proper Warm-up and Cool-down
3) Exercise Technique and Form
4) Safe Use of Equipment
5) Injury Prevention, Injury Response and First Aid
6) Program Design and Goal Setting
7) Nutrition and Hydration
8) Fitness Etiquette and Behavior

60 Minutes | Register Here

To work with a Personal Trainer, complete a Training Intake Form.

You’ll receive a follow-up call within 3-5 business days. Scheduling will be facilitated through direct communication between yourself and the designated Trainer.

24-hour cancellation requirement on all services.


Angie Huston

Training Beyond the Gym

Burton C. Turner

Tabata Training for Runners

Stephen Connally

Strong For Life

Tracy Gallaway

Mind, Body, Soul & Spine

Chelsea Hanson

Kettlebells & TRX for Total Body Conditioning

DJ Olsson

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Sports Training
Personal Trainer Signature Series Tim Reid

Tim Reid

Mobility & Functional Training

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Movement That Matters

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Periodization in Strength Training

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Strength, Hypertrophy & Functional Movement Training

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Yoga & Strength Training for Sustainable Fitness

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Variety & Fun

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Strong Body, Strong Mind

Mayli Zapet

Dynamic Strength Training

Molly Mangan

Real science.
Real results.


Isaac Ramos

Hypertrophy, Strength & Power Training for Youth

Samantha Munoz

Building foundation, strength and confidence
Molly Mangan

Molly Mangan

Personal Trainer Coordinator